Ghana Scammers

by Michael
(United Kingdom)

My name is Mike. I’m from the Uk, I’m 72 years old, I’m not aanything special to look at, and I’m a widower. I got caught out, because I was lonely, and I met these two people on the dating site.

I began a message conversation with both of them, and not being aware that they were scammers, one of them I became Fond of, in fact we even spoke to each other on cam to cam. And then they started to ask for money, and like a fool, I sent small sums, £50 that worked for a while , then curiosity made me look up one of them from her photos and on cam, I found out she was using the name Natalie Sparks who turned out to be a porn star. Although she admitted this she said she was now working for an orphanage in Ghana but I closed her down.

My second scammer was good at what she does, she comes under the heading Gold scammer, and she is trying to get me to part with £500 to pay a gold security company to save Guard. 2 bars of gold of which I have not seen. I too have exchanged cam to cam conversations with her.

The thing about both of these women is that they beautiful, and there is no way would they date a 72 year old man.

So tonight I’m closing this second one down and that will be my last connection with Ghana.

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Aug 05, 2019
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry about you being scammed. But regardless of your looks there is a true woman that will love you.

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