Ghana, Kumasi gold/romance scam

by jack bannon
(Dublin Ireland )

Met Josephine Tima on WHATSAPP and had been in contact daily for about 6months. During this time she would ask for small amounts of money as she was not working because of the corona v, so I sent about $900 in all which i did not mind, then came the news that her late father had left her 130kgs in gold bars in Accra and she needed $8,500 for the fees to have it sold to a jewelers in Texas.

She had all the fake documents and letters from her attorney. It was a well organised scam and clearly not the first time she had done this. When I refused stating my concerns she became defensive. I said I would contact her attorney directly and see what I could do. I told her I would send her details photos, Gmail, phone No, messages etc to the Chief of police in Kumasi to check out her story.

She broke off all contact.

She is Josephine Tima, half Ghanaian/Filipino, 28-30 years old, pretty, 4' 11" tall, from Accra but living and working in Kumasi as an interior designer.


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Mar 26, 2023
Talia Shepard/ Maria Hutton
by: Dan

She screwed me out of over $635,000.00 with this Gold Scam, said to be in the UK left by Dead Father and all she needed was $10,000.00 to get it released then other people got involved and more money out the window with 5 wire transfers going to ACCRA and its never ending, she's in on the scam with a couple of other people including Chris from KingsTreasuresSecurities in London, Global Logistics from the UK and other people.

Aug 04, 2021
Gold Scam Still Running
by: Anonymous

I had someone claiming to be "Elizabeth Asamoah" who sent me a friend request on Facebook, then move chatting to HangOuts. Person claims to be originally from Austin, TX and is now in Kumasi, Ghana.

Just turned 35 and has an ailing Granny. They are claiming her father left $12.5 million in cash and 75 Kg of gold in a bank vault in London. They are using pictures of a porn star named Talia Shepard as their own. I had some groceries delivered to them totaling about $80, but have deflected over $3.000 in cash requests.

Now there is an attorney named "Duncan Lewis from London" involved try to get money for legal paperwork required to transfer it to Elizabeth with 20% for me.

Feb 19, 2021
by: AnonymousAlbert Fell

Hi-do you have a pic of her and did she say how she got the gold and where is was stored. I am in a similar scam now on skype.

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