George Martin: Cryptotradez Bitcoin Trading Scam

by Biggles777


George Martin is on Scrabble GO and not interested in telling you who he is. An out of work marine engineer living somewhere in Florida. That is as far as you get. All he wants to do is take your money via bitcoin with unrealistic promises of excessive returns.

This is how you meet on the game;

Him: Do you know about foreign exchange trade?

Me: Yes

Him: If you invest you can get more than what you invest less than 24 hours

Him: So are you intrested?

Me: How do you return 100% in less than 24 hours?

Him: I can't really chat about it if you need more explanation give me your What's app number

Me: I'm not giving you any of my numbers

Him: Sorry for asking

Him: You can invest your bitcoin in one week you will earn $3000 it fast

Him: Or you can start with $200 and earn $2000

Him: Or $300 and earn $3400

I didn't take the bait. He starts offering a return of 100% within 24 hours. Then steps it up to 1000% or more. Okay, now I'm interested, not the money but an obvious crypto currency scam.

The only one making the above returns are whoever the people behind this are. He wants WhatsApp, I refuse, Facebook, I refuse, Instagram, I refuse and finally I agree to Hangouts.

He insists I open https://cryptotradez.****** using a Chrome browser. I'm not doing that and using a lesser known browser. Do not use Chrome it is a new phishing site

Many would know of a ponzi scheme thanks to Berni Madoff. He offered a 15% annual return and got away with it for years. This website is a "hit and run" . They just want you to "invest" with the promise they'll pay your returns.

I need to edit this due to the character limit. It's an exchange on Hangouts with two people. We spoke for a day and I tested them on binary options and other simple trading questions. You'll see they can't really answer a single question or stay on the topic I raise.

Me: I had a friend look at the site for me. It is only 2 months old and if I didn't know better it is a dark web page (Not 100% true)

Him: Yeah it is a new website. Dark web??? (It is 2 months old)

Me: A site made not to be found by search engines (True, this is made not to be found)

Him: But I’m trading with them

Me: I know

Me: But have never heard of them. (True)

Him: Well because it’s new

Him: I guess so

Me: Yes, it's based in Panama and they don't want anyone to know who owns it (True, even Whois ownership is hidden)

Him: Oh really

Me: Yes. Look, I'm not trying to make it hard. It is just that given the returns you spoke of there have to be risks too. Nothing is ever a one way street

Him: I know. Sometimes you lose sometimes you win (Let's see about losing)

Me: But there has to be a risk/reward ratio for the returns you've mentioned. That is what I am trying to figure out (Any investor would want to know this)

Him: Well the expert trader take his own percentage when you want to withdraw I guess it’s 8-10% of every withdraw or so (Okay so Cryptotradez takes that percentage of any profits)

Him: But are you interested in investing

Him: I’m not saying you should invest that much

Me: It's just that I'd like to know how they make returns of 100% in 24 hours or so

Him: No not 100% in 24 hours Now they are changing the returns

Me: That is what you mentioned on the game

Him: Oh that’s a mistake

Him: Every plan has their daily return

Me: I'm just trying to understand how the returns are generated

Him: When you invest, they’ll use your capital to trade and then when they get the gain they’ll add it to your profit.

Me: Risk v reward. There have to be losses too, right?

Him: Yes. They lose but customers hardly lose (That a fact?)

Me: How can they not pass the loses onto the clients? It is their money they are using.

Him: If they lose.
You won’t get profit that day

Him: So on the next day we get profit

Him: It’s still a win win

Edit: If you are ever told this walk away

Him: They’re expert so they know what they’re doing No one is trading this is theft

Him: Expert traders

Me: Trading is zero sum. If they lose, who covers the losses if it isn't you or me?

Him: Seems they’ve back up

Him: All I know is they’re good traders

Edit: This is nothing more than them stealing your money. They wouldn't know a trade if it hit them in the head. Let's take a look at their 2 month old website now;

Me: Why doesn't their chat feature work?

Him: Chat feature

Him: Do you mean live chat ?

Me: Yes. They say they reply immediately but it seems to not work

Him: Did you send them a text ?

Me: Yes

Him: Okay. I’ll send them one

Me: I'm sure they would be happy to talk

Him: They replied me

Him: Are you sure you messaged them ? That is because it is you and your friend running it

Me: WTF? I asked a question and they blocked me? (True. I'm not on their beloved Chrome)

Him: Really. Screenshot

Me: Hang on I'm on my 11th captcha page lol No. They've blocked my IP

Him: Okay

Me: It seems chat is not working

Him: Did you text them ?

Me: Yes and the chat freezes

Edit: He sends a screenshot of a chat with his mate. Main point, it is a fake chat window and there is no customer support

We continue texting on Hangouts. I've attached a screenshot of his chat exchange and it is a BOT. They don't understand the basics of foreign exchange trading, or any trading for that matter. They are criminals stealing your money Now I point out the links in their website;

Me: Why can't I find information on a multi currency account?

Him: huh

Me: They say they offer regular FX with a multi currency account but have no details

Him: All I do there is invest and get my return when I want to withdraw

Edit: They don't even know what they've put on their website!

Me: This is a paste from their page

Me: Multi Currency Accounts

Me: Support major currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, and various Cryptocurrencies. Funds exchanged between currencies at market rate.

Him: That’s what they trade with (are you sure? BTC is your game)


Me: Then why can't I read about the multi currency account they offer?

Him: All I do there is invest and get paid I never lose money

Me: I understand. But do you see my point? (I understand theft when I see it)

Him: If you want to know it work

Him: Just invest in it and the you’ll see my point

Edit: That is all "George" can say. Invest aka give me your money

Me: But I invest in what I know. Every link on that site leads to nowhere

Him: Okay

Me: They have the menus but they lead to no information

Him: It’s simple to invest in that site .Just login and click on invest (All they can say INVEST!)

Me: But why don't they have pages explaining how they make the returns?

Him: I don't know. It’s like trading on forex

Him: They take our capital and invest on it then share the profit they make among their customers

Me: What about the losses?

Him: Don’t know about losses all I know I make my profit and my money is available when I want to withdraw

Me: For you to profit, someone loses.

Me: So what do they do with their losses?

Him: I don't know

Me: Someone has to take them

Him: Well it’s them not we

Me: Why does every link navigate to the About Page on that site?

Him: As you said it’s two month old. Seems they’re still working on it

Okay. I think that is enough for anyone to understand that https://cryptotradez.****** is a 100% scam. They promise excessive returns and can't say how they make them. They are so good at "trading" they don't have any losses.

The only ones making money are those taking it from you. They only take bitcoin. Two emails used below;

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Dec 28, 2020
The Site Has Changed
by: Biggles777


They're redirecting away from cryptotradez to the following page


Like the previous it is a phishing account to steal your personal information and crypto currency.

They block IP's and are made not to be found

Dec 20, 2020
Greg T also has a trading scam
by: Anonymous

Hi Biggles777

I came across one of these scams on WWF. His name was Greg Thomas. He started off wanting a $1000 invested and I would get back $1200 at the end of the fifth day.

He kept coming down in what he wanted invested. The last offer was $200 and I would get back $240.

Very demanding and he couldn't tell me a lot about it and said I would never lose.

Kept saying no to him and blocked.

Dec 19, 2020
It's All a Dark Web Scam
by: Biggles777


https://cryptotradez.****** is a dark web scam site. It is made not to be found even on the dark web.

You can see above their chat support is fake. "George" says to email them. Note the "support" address is spelled differently. below is the response after "George" changes the support email to;

Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.

So, despite their claims of "customer support" EVERY available avenue from chat to email is fake. The chat doesn't work and the emails are just made up.

Since this page was created they now claim to have 698,000 satisfied customers. They're adding 100,000 a day. No way is that real.

If you see the following Bitwal do not send money, you will never see it again;


If you see these emails block them;

If you actually ask a question they'll block your IP.

They don't want you to ask. They only want to tell you to give them money.

They don't know FX trading and all they can say is "if" "when" "invest". It is outright theft.

If you use a common browser they'll attack it phishing for history, bookmarks, passwords and and contacts. Then try to hack your device.

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