George Lambert...not real. He is actually a Nigerian man scammer, he admitted it to me after I caught him out

by Julie C
(New Zealand)

Hi, I have been chatting to (not George) for 2 days and figured out very quickly he was not that beautiful man on his profile.

He said he was an underwater engineer. Subsea or Marine Engineer.

He said he has been alone since his late wife died of breast cancer 6 years ago. _said he has a home still in Tiniroto near Gisborne NZ

He said he lives in Australia at Airlie Beach, Queensland and has a second home in New Carolina.

He said he has been in USA for 6 years.

He said he was going to do his washing then go out for lunch, so 14 hrs difference, but Aussie was only 2 hours behind NZ.

I spoke with a loving heart this morning and said he came here to evolve as a human, shame on him to use another profile. THEN he asked for money saying he was going to get kicked out of his house and his father was sick and needed hospital, he was living in such a poor conditions and the whites live with wealth. I sent healing energy to his father.

I reported him on Tinder, blocked him so goodbye.

Sad we women have to put up with trying to find a loving man & get that. I'm trying to find a reverse search engine ?? to check images

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