Gavin Mark ExxonMobil Independent Contractor Alaska

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


My alias has met these people before. They start making a real effort then lose interest. Like all they have the script but they can also talk a little about working in the oil business with a cut and paste.

This is to take a look at their script and how they work it. You can see all the red flags for an oil rig romance scam. We go to Hangouts and back to the game. Then on Hangouts my alias is told she has a sense of humour after they start sending music videos;

Me: I do?

Him: Bless you

Him: I think with good understanding and positive consideration we can make possible bond

Him: I know it is not easy being all by oneself but all the same, that is why we meet people and when the right one comes make use of it.

Me: Why is it hard being by yourself? I really enjoy it

Him: Well your a woman and you have loved ones around so you may not probably feel that but i know that something is always missing

Me: Okay

Him: I enjoyed being a married Man but didn't have much time to enjoy my marriage before I lost her I have being alone and i think i cant keep being in that shark hole

Me: Okay well you have to move on

Him: And you also have to do the same

Me: I have and am a very happy woman

Him: I wonder why bad thing always happen to good people.

Me: I've no idea

Him: But I just have to move on with life, because life is too juicy to be alone and that is why I need to find the woman and a friend a companion to shear with everything.

Me: Well I don't mind a

Him: And i teuly appreciate that it is always amazing having someone to shear everything with.

Me: Okay

Him: Am an Independent Contractor on crude oil drilling and supply

Him: I work on contracts with different oil companies onshore and offshore, I also have a consultant office.

Me: Okay and who do you contract with?

Him: Mostly ExxonMobil and chevron

Me: Okay and where are you with them now?

Him: I will also want you to hint me on your job (edit).

Me: What do you mean?

Him: Well i am still in the state but i am pursuing a contract and i am sure with my credibility i will be awarded the contract

Me: Okay, so where in the US are you now?

Him: Am still in Alaska

Him: I am hoping this year will be better than last year, the covid-19 made a lot of terrible things happened, i have never seen a virus that had kept the world on hold

Edit as we drift

Him: Drilling rigs are the framework that is being used to extract crude oil from the earth; the term might refer to oil rigs used on land or offshore oil rig platforms used at sea..

Him: Workers on these drilling rig platforms range from the well-educated engineers that develop tools and plan methodology to the roustabouts that do the "dirty work" which keeps the drilling rig running smoothly.

Me: Okay but you are an engineer or similar, right?

Him: I am a civil engineer but as time passes i have gotten to the stage of contractorship

Me: Okay, is that good or bad?

Him: The salary/ take home in the oil extraction industry depends.

Him: Yes its is a rough job

Him: And risky too...

Edit: I've an idea who this is and leave it be.

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Mar 20, 2022
This is the one I fell for
by: Anonymous

The man in this picture is the one I fell for only to realize he was a scammer and the person behind this pic isn’t him. He wanted me to deposit a check. He was working on a big boat in Luxembourg supposedly then he wanted me to get into his account but I just didn’t feel right about it and blocked him.

So here I am in love with a picture of a man that I thought was a real person only to find out it’s a stolen image :( 💔 Dammm I really fell in love with him.

Now its time to heal and pray for the man in the picture. I feel bruised and sad. I hope the ones using the pics to fool people burn in hell

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