Gary Johnson-doubt that's real though

by Really Upset

Gary-Says he has a home in Rock Hill South Carolina and Springfield Illinois, neither address check out. He said he is in construction, stuck in London for not paying taxes in US, dumb! My friend is out about $10,000 that we know of, and he asks her to wire funds to random people, Nmamaka Cotton, Affesat Mohammad, Michael Gabbard and Linda Shaffer and she spent hundreds in iTunes cards, probably added phone lines to her cell plan-actually 4 lines.

She has never met him so how on earth can you possibly fall for this? She is flat broke now and had her car repossessed but luckily we were able to get it back before it was towed. He supposedly sent her an engagement ring, why accept a ring from someone you have never met?? Are these scammers really sweeping the ladies off their feet, getting in their heads that much or are they promising some type of return on an Investment?

Oh and the 180k check he sent her was fake from Scott & Adams drilling in Ontario. I mean pay attention s the phone # on the check was bad and was type print -yes a typewriter or a 1980's printer from Arvest Bank in Arkansas, attached letter from Scott- 519 694 2184. It is so hard to sit and watch all of this happen. Has any one had any luck finding one of these low lifes?

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Dec 05, 2018
Its difficult
by: Anonymous

Its difficult to find and prosecute scammers.
An ic3 complaint can be filed, but it requires specific information.

If the scammer is in Nigeria, one can approach the EFCC. But know that the Nigerian EFCC receives a high volume of complaints and they drag there feet.

You can approach local authorities.

Very few scammers are brought to justice.

Its a huge problem that is not being addressed by leaders on a global basis.

Scamming is big business so good luck.

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