Garry Oliver from Coffee Meets Bagel

by Melody

Met a 37 year old white male named Garry Oliver from dating app called "Coffee Meets Bagel." His profile listed Coal City, Illinois as his home and I live in Chicago. He claims that he originally came from Finland. Says he works off shore as an engineer on an oil rig and was currently near the coast of Plymouth, UK.

We chatted on the app for 3-4 days and then exchanged phone numbers and started texting via Viber app. He exchanged a lot of photos of himself, though were all selfies and not a lot of description from them. At one point, his mom suddenly became ill and asked me to help send money because he couldn't do any financial transfers "on the ship."

I absolutely said no but he persisted for a couple days, even asking me to purchase a Chase liquid card for $50 then send the account number over so another friend of his could send money through that to get to his mom (who lives in Canada).

I still said no and he eventually stopped talking about that.

He then started asking for money to purchase a new phone because his current one fell in water. He claims that he cannot use his phone camera to send current pics as it is not allowed on the oil rig, same with his phone as it can only be used for calls between workers but can text with family.

I finally made him accept a phone call from me a couple days ago and knew his accent was not Finnish but that of an African one instead. He's very savvy and claimed his undying love and wanting me to be his wife very quickly - even calling me his fiancé.

The cell phone number that he uses is 604-426-0900, which is out of Vancouver, Canada.

He claims that it is a number given by his company so not to be distracted by other family if they are to use personal phone numbers.

Anyway, I found the real person (on Facebook) of the photos - Alexander Konig of Sweden. This was made possible by doing reverse google image search of just one of the photos. I actually sent him a message on Facebook to ask if he was aware of his photos being stolen and have yet to hear back.

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Jun 26, 2018
Sean Franklin for coffee meets bagel
by: Anonymous

I Met a man called Sean Franklin on CMB, and he said he was in the Army stationed in jacksonville NC, from florida Pensecola and his mother is dutch and his father from south Africa.

He claimed he has a 5 yr old son and his mother died of cancer. I have talked with him on the phone and all of a sudden he was deployed to Djibouti in east africa for 4 months. He asked for a Walmart gift card paid in cash only because he forgot to buy his son a gift before he left.

His phone number is 859-951-2011

His email address he uses is

Mar 14, 2018
by: Anonymous

I recently connected with someone in Bagel & Ciffee. Husband profile stated he’s from San Francisco, but when we did finally connect outside Bagel, when he called my number, the area code shows area code Washington DC. His profile started he’s an engineer working in the military.

I didn’t know that there is such a thing as a scammer in Bagel. I received notification from Bagel telling me that he left the chat and he was banned from chat for suspicious behaviour. Wow! That blew me away. I should have known! He sounded too good to be true and all sweet when texting or talking on the phone.

He posed himself as half Australian and half American. He has thic Australian accent when we spoke on the phone. When I asked why his phone showed with SC area code, he replied that he is currently in DC for government assignment. 😭😭😭😭 I should have known!

Thanks Bagel for alerting me this before it’s gone too far.

Oct 16, 2017
Jessie O'Rourke Same kind of scam?
by: Anonymous

I recently connected with someone on CMB who shared army pics and claimed to be at camp. When he was supposed to finish he made an excuse that they wouldn't let him go and were going to deploy him to NK unless money was transferred. Similar story about a mom who returned to Norway and needing help transferring money.

Asked me to complete a transfer for him then said he had to leave for a night shift. Only texts and only at late night. When I mentioned it felt odd to me, he went silent. This person said his name was Jessie O'Rourke. No references online for a person named that in the Army.

Feb 27, 2017
Thanks for the feedback
by: Melody

Thanks for your comments! I hope this continues to help people. Please be careful and never send money!

Continue to try to give feedback about Coffee meets Bagel - they have been terrible in responding to my emails to them.

Feb 27, 2017
Robin Chris is a scammer
by: Anonymous

Met Robin Chris 37 years old on coffee meets bagel dating website. He claimed he is Swedish but moved to Seattle 7 years ago and is a marine engineer currently working offshore in a oil rig outside of Plymouth, UK.

He requested to move to Viber chat after we connected on the dating website. We talked on the phone for a few times and he has a strong accent.

After a month of chatting he stated that he needed my help to be his beneficiary in order to collect the money from his previous employer in order to pay for the equipment that he damaged on the current job.

He asked me to contact his lawyer and the lawyer asked for detail personal information: full name, address, birthday, copy of ID, phone number, occupation.

The email address of the lawyer is:

His phone number is 206-317-7198

Feb 14, 2017
Now Gary Oliver is Robin Chris - BEWARE!!
by: Anonymous

This is a big scam on Coffee meets Bagel. Thanks for bringing it to light Melody. Now this guy claims he is from Sweden and has the same story! Luckily I couldn't find anyone with a name Robin Chris and I immediately knew something was fishy.

The number he is giving out is 206-317-7198 that is from Seattle, WA area.

Beware and keep a lookout for scammers like these who ruin the whole idea of dating!

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