Gang Operation to Invade Homes

by Page

A woman knocked on our door offering to clean an area of our house as a cleaning promotion. I was skeptical but a relative said "why not?"

In came three other people, 2 supervisors and 1 man who I presumed was the salesman since he was carrying a huge case. The other 2 left with their white van and I began to grow weary.

Alarm bells were ringing off when the young man, the salesperson, started to assemble this ginormous vacuum. I excused myself and went online to find out about the Kirby company and read about all their nasty tactics and scams to make people buy their expensive vacuum.

I immediately went to the salesperson and told him to please leave our home. He made an excuse about how his bosses already left (with the van), and he'd have to wait for them. Then he said he had no phone and asked to use mine.

I refused and knew if their company was working the neighborhood they would be close by. The salesperson asked me to fill out this form for a vacation promotion he could receive, but I did not want to give any of my information.

He eventually left, and even though I felt bad for the salesperson himself, I did not want to fall prey to his employer.

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