From Eharmony to Ghana rip off

by Jolie
(Denver, CO, USA)

John contacted me on Eharmony and quickly wanted to change correspondence to email, then text, then phone calls. He then cancelled his subscription with Eharmony, saying he wanted to focus just on me.

He was very romantic and said all the right things. He asked me if I liked men with accents, and he told me his was Italian. I didn't know any different, but it was so thick it was hard to understand him at times. It was odd, since he said he grew up in Denver. He claimed his parents spoke Italian in the home. He said he had a house in Scottsdale, AZ but lived in his mother's house in Denver. She was in a home.

He said he had a son, Jason, and he shared pictures of him. Same pics from his Eharmony profile. He said he was finishing up a project to provide bio friendly energy to underserved communities, and was signing a contract with a company in England to build the power plant in Ghana.

After signing the contract, he needed to fly to Ghana to make arrangements for the work. He even emailed me scans of the contract, a multimillion dollar deal. I didn't hear from him for about 24 hours, then he called with a number from Ghana. He said the change in electrical current in Ghana fried his laptop and phone and he couldn't find one there with adequate power to run his programs. He gave me his credit card number and asked that I go to the Apple Store and buy replacements.

Once I got there, I was told they can't take credit cards over the phone. He said his credit card company froze his account because of the activity, and he couldn't get the money to me. I bought the laptop with my credit card and spent another $500 on FedEx shipping before I realized my stupidity. I did several searches for him, and found nothing matching his information. The address he gave me in Scottsdale belonged to a property management company.

I called him to tell him I was cancelling shipment on the laptop, and he argued that he was working on reimbursing me but needed a few days. I insisted it was stupid for me to do this, and if this was a legitimate relationship, he'd understand. I haven't heard from him since.

I dodged a big bullet, thanks to this site and similar stories.

Looking back, there were many inconsistencies. The fact that he said he was a civil engineer but he was working on a power plant. But he had perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

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