Frederick Morgan Nigerian Oil Rig ScamReal Name IDI CHARLES AZUKA

by anonymous


Frederick Morgan 57yrs old approached me on WWF2.

He was chatty but slow for a scammer. He told me he was situated off the coast from Scotland but wouldn't say where or what rig, as i didnt need to know that. He was a private contractor who had 15 men he employed. He didn't stay aboard the rig but stayed on a ship! Each day he would return to the ship for all meals, office work, recreation and sleep. Usually by a tender boat, it was a 20 minute ride each way but some days by a chopper if the weather was rough. Really!
I knew the moment he said this he was a scammer and not a very good one.

He had a child, (I didn't need to know any more at this stage), in Georgia US being looked after by a relative, wife died in car crash, he had just started a 9 month contract. Usual scripted conversation would get cranky if I didn't answer his question or if I asked questions.

He expected me to be waiting for his messages 24/7 and if I didn't respond after a few days I would get an abusive message.

I told him he was a criminal and I didn't for one minute believe that his profile was him. He wanted me to move to Hangouts or WhatsApp.
Made him wait, told him I was busy with work. After a week or two I went to hangouts. He was very happy but told me video calls were out.

Surprise surprise!

I wouldn't answer questions until he came clean and admitted that he was someone else using an innocent mans identity that he had stolen. Didn't take long and he admitted he did steal an innocent mans identity from the an internet site that the real scammers use.

I told him I should report him but he begged with me not to. I told him exactly what I thought he was doing and who I thought he was. BINGO

His name English name is Charles, 30yrs old. He said he lived in Delta, Nigeria and came from a very poor family. He was one of 5 children and his oldest brother was in Politics. He never asked straight out for money at first but hinted to me to give him money.

First attempt was his mum gave him money to pay bills for her and he lost the money on the way to the shops. He needed to replace the money before she found out. I told him to get a job. But he says no one wants poor people you have to be rich to get jobs. Whatever!

I didn't respond after that, but he would send messages if I had been to the bank, when do I get paid etc etc

I never mentioned the above incident again and then he obviously realised that isn't going to work so onto the next scenario

Second attempt 4 days later he complained he was so hungry. No food in the house no money to get food and he didn't know when he would eat again or his family. Again I told him to get a job. He told me I had no heart and I apparently earnt good money and could spare some for him. He had been told we earnt good money because we were white!

After a few days of bickering I said well I cant send anything as I don't know how to send money to Nigeria or where to send it. His whole attitude changed in a matter of seconds and suddenly I was his Queen. He loved me and was going to come to Australia and protect me for ever.

He called me on hangouts daily for at least 2 weeks. Most of the time I was busy or at work and let the calls go unanswered. When I would answer he certainly sounded like a very young Nigerian. I told him I was too old for him but he liked older women.

He wanted bitcoin sent and I said no only scammers use that. He said he was no scammer just desperate for money for food and in Nigeria they use bitcoin like we use our money. Really!

He wanted steam cards, Itune cards, google play cards. I said no to all as I didn't know where to get them from. I was told that a gas station near me would sell them or a mall. I told him I would only send to a bank account in his name.

Next thing I have all the details forwarded to me!

First name; Idi
Middle name; Charles
Last name; Azuka
City; Delta / Ughelli
Bank; Bank of Africa
Account; 2067686702
Mobile; +2348158420676

All of this was freely given to me. I then questioned why I needed all this information, and who was this person. He said it was him and he wouldn't lie to me, I'm his queen! This is all the details I need to make a deposit to his account. He would need at least US$200. I told him I couldn't do that as I
don't have US$. He said what ever money that's what he needed. Next message sent was how much it was in many different currencies.

Weeks passed and I didn't respond to his messages of hunger and he even said his kid sister nearly died. I told him my pay had been delayed due to a strict Covid lockdown and banks weren't processing pays. He said that's so bad how would I eat? LOL

He would ask when I'm getting paid, when am I working, what am I doing daily. Whether I answered was another thing!

So then he went on to his next attempt to get money, his family has to move. They have 2 weeks to find new accommodation as the landlord is going to knock the house down. They have no money and will end up on the streets. I said I'm sure that isn't the case after a few days passed. Again I was told he would never lie to his queen, his parents need more money to pay for the new house.

I asked if they won or found money as they couldn't feed the family last I heard. He was not impressed! In Nigeria they pay rent a year in advance and its not easy to find places to rent when you come from the poor villages! Whatever!

Next his internet bill cant be paid and he is about to lose the ability to talk or text me. He wants me to pay a month or maybe 3 as he needs to be able to talk to me as I'm his queen and we are going to be together forever. Again I told him to get a job!

I had a feeling he was not 30 as he seemed very immature and I asked him for his honest age and after a lot of banter he said 27yrs old. Slowly his age is coming down but I think he could still be younger.

He never brought up any of the prior needs for money again just moved onto the next. When I asked or quizzed him on what he had eaten he would say chicken soup, rice, noodles or it doesn't matter.

Not sure where they got the money to be able to buy food as they are so poor and have no money.

He asked me if i was on Facebook and I said no, Instagram no, he gave me his Instagram name and told me too get the app and look him up.

Instagram account princeck
Prince Ide CK

Funnily enough his internet never ceased and I never mentioned it.

Couple of weeks have passed, next he's sick really sick. He's still waiting for any commitment from me. I told him if he is truly so unwell he should go to the doctor, he said no because a doctor / hospital is 2 hours away and he would have to get a taxi but has no money and treatment is very expensive in his country.

This goes on for days and he's so sick and needs money for treatment he may even die. I don't respond. Next I get a photo of a forearm with a drip in it. I said oh you have got money to get treatment! No his father ran and got a friend who is a pharmacist to give treatment as he nearly fainted and is so ill and weak he may die.

He goes very quiet and I don't hear anything for 4 days. Now he has Malaria and his kidney doesn't work, he's been vomiting for 5 days straight, he cant sleep and I need to save him as he is in the final stages of malaria.

So I googled the nearest Dr. and hospital from the info he had given me and sent it to him, even the address details and phone number. He told me I was wrong there is no Dr. nearby, its 2 hours away. What I read on the internet about his country is not truth and his country is corrupt and they just put things on the internet!

I also sent him the World Health Organizations information on the free malaria treatment in Nigeria that is available to all of its citizens since 2018.

I got told I think this is a joke and he could die because I haven't sent money to him. I told him to ask a friend to take him to get treatment and pay for it anyway he could if he is so ill.

Next day there is a message WE owe $118 and it needs to be paid in three days or he loses his phone. I ask who we are and its me and him. But he has no money so I have to pay or he loses his phone. We argued and said a few choice words and I said I never agreed to pay for his treatment nor do I have any money.

He became very angry and abusive. I had had enough of this BS


These guys are just criminals who will do what ever they can to get money from you. Be careful!

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Dec 23, 2020
Frederick Morgan
by: Anonymous

WAY TOO MUCH TIME SPENT PLAYING WITH A SCAMMER. I don’t know about anyone else but who has this amount of time to play with someone you know isn’t telling the truth particularly during these COVID challenging times?!?!

Remember, the longer you spend talking with these criminals the better they get at it!

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