Fred fabregas fabio - veterinary doctor ??

by Sandra
(Fuleood uk)

Please ladies beware of Fred fabregas fabio:- In the time I was chatting with him he told me his son kenny lived with his mother in Spain. Fabregas was in Nigeria doing his doctors degree after he finished he lost his passport and it got replaced with a fake one and he ended up in jail and so the story escalated.

He could not leave Nigeria as he needed money and stupidly enough I believed all this and it cost me thousands and put shame on my family.

Eventually his mother flew to America with Kenny and low and behold she died. His story was they would keep her in the morgue till he could get there and see to it. I was taking all this in like a sponge as he is so convincing. He knows which buttons to press to obtain money from you. He pretends he cares about you but this is not true all he wants is money. He has a woman also that pops up but who she is I don’t know. All she has to say is how good he is in bed as if that is of any interest. He has a lot of people in his group as he writes emails from fbi, and other relevant people.

He is a dangerous and cunning piece of work and has made thousands.

My only wish would be to catch this low life.

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Sep 27, 2022
Sounds like he will never change
by: Anonymous

I have read through all the comments and have to say this Fred Fabregas will never change his ways. He prays on women and will never change.

Money is his only motive as long as it’s yours he’s getting. Don’t think he will ever repay his debts.

Don’t get involved with him as you will only get hurt and lose a lot of money in the process

Jul 17, 2022
Don’t let this person into your life
by: Anonymous

Please beware of this person who claims he is a veterinary doctor as he will sweet talk you into losing money. He does not care who he takes from. I have lost thousands and will never see it again as he makes excuse after excuse.

Ladies be warned he is not a nice person.

Jun 07, 2022
A person that will never be truthful
by: Anonymous

A man who does not have any conscience. No professional person with a supposedly high wage would ask for money from people he doesn’t know but he does as he has no shame.

He says no one can help him out of Nigeria but this could not be true as if you have a family they would help and your work colleagues would do also.

A man that will never change as he enjoys taking money from innocent people and living it up.

Beware ladies/gents do not send him money as I assure you, you will never see it again.

Sep 26, 2021
I too have been duped by this person
by: Karina

Have spoken with him for a few months and he told me he is an American citizen trapped in Nigeria. I asked him his profession and he said he was a veterinary doctor and had no family to help him return home.

I stupidly sent him money and he still says he cannot leave. I think he is a pathological liar and hope this helps others.

Jan 29, 2021
Scammed me
by: Jennifer

This man never talks to you on the phone or let’s you see the real person. He wants to know all about you and your lifestyle and savings. All he wants is money which he has no intention of ever paying you back.

I seriously think he is Nigerian as why would he hide behind a computer or phone. He is not a veterinary doctor but a mere scammer who asks the same questions to everyone he talks to on different platforms.

Don’t be taken in by his photograph as it is definitely not him. Take care ladies as he has no morals and he will bleed you dry.

Jun 11, 2019
Definitely a scammer
by: Kathy

I agree with all the comments about Fred Fabregas fabio as he has no conscience and he preys on the weak and gullible. No true veterinary doctor would belittle themselves to this level after all the years they would have had to work for their position.

It is a shame life holds people in it like this supposed veterinary doctor. Let’s hope one day he may get paid back for all the misery he has caused

Jan 22, 2019
by: linda

I am agreeing with you. I have the same idea, if we could pay them back! But we need move forward.

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