by Anonymous

Still watching this one. Crying I have flight home. I need iTunes to call airport. How far you from Airport I'm far away. Gotta call Or I'll lose all money I worked So hard for.


I felt I should get 25.00 card. He never said thank you and he never would say I received the number. I learned this from him. Today I called Apple and they were busy telling me that it's FRADULENT ACTIVITY. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. I bought my last. So I text but he would not answer. Guys I've run into Has 5 names I've Found. Many more pics are out about this guy. He was a Business owner and HE IS AFRAID HIS REPUTATION WILL BE TARNISHED.

I'm having hard time with all this. Especially more I find out. I found where he took pics to look like an oil Rigger engineer. Hiding behind
Pic of animals I sent him. Just Something very confusing about this guy. He started saying how can I be happy. Did he sell ITunes I'm not sure but he deals in Paxful Bitcoin's. He is a Master at Smooth Manipulation. Salt pepper hair and glasses. Ladies treat it as if he is Huge Snake. He will bite. Money is Root of all Evil and they
Don't care who they hurt.

Be Safe...Broken Hearts don't Mend easily. To you that leave Sites to do searches thank you
It's helped me much.

God Bless


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Apr 02, 2019
That is only a pic
by: Anonymous

So sorry but the scammers steal pics off the web, Instagram etc. and this is a normal guy that a Nigerian gang tries to scam you with. They rotate to hook you in. One is female, one is mean, etc. they are really good at what they do.

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