Former independent employee

by Jackie
(Arkansas )

I worked for Kirby for 1 day & ethically, could not do it. While most reviews are from customers, this is from an employee’s standpoint.

We were given a 2 day, 4 hour-long unpaid training on how to put together and use the product. Loud music was blairing in the office (very unprofessional) & no background checks. They hire any warm bodies. Lots of turn-over. I was told if I worked 5 days a week, I’d receive a base pay of $420/week plus $150 if the Kirby sold. In reality, they only pay $420 if I did 13 demonstrations in a week. They also said our appointments would be scheduled w/customers who already consented.

In actuality, I discovered I would only receive $150 if the customer purchased it at full asking price & full monthly payments ($2,495 total/ $990 down/ $350 a mo). Most people “are expected to say no” so we then say “just TODAY, we can do “$100 down & $100 a month. Then instead of the $150 bonus for selling, the demo person only makes $50. The team leader, who did NO work, gets paid the most.

I found myself working in a city 1 hour away from the office. We left at 9am and knocked on doors until 9pm. There were 2 other demo people in the company van & the team leader wouldn’t let us go home until all 3 had gotten 3 demos done. I only did 1 in 12 hrs.

I felt so bad for these people who’s doors we were knocking on at 7:00 pm. They were eating dinner! Then at 9pm, parents wanted to put their kids to bed. The person who does the spill to get in the door offered free cleaning supplies (detergent, room spray) to get in the door for a “free cleaning”.

The demo takes 2 hours at least. We kept knocking door-to-door, no breaks for food or water. It was my 1st day so I was unprepared for this. The team leader didn’t like to stop to eat, use the bathroom, or let us get water because it took “time away.” I finally got home at 10pm & never went back.

I have ethics & was lied to by the company & felt bad for the people who we we’re trying to swindle.

Can’t do it.

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Jun 06, 2022
You worked for one day
by: Anonymous

Kirby makes more millionaires than any other direct sales company. It's not a job for everyone, but it's certainly not a job that requires lying or lack of ethic. The vacuum industry is a scam. It's unregulated so they can literally lie about the functionality of their disposable vacuums that do nothing but create environmental waste.

Kirby is an old fashioned company. They make things to work, they make things to last, and they make OPPORTUNITIES for employees. If you want an hourly job where you have to fight for (and be denied) a .30¢ promotion when you've already taken on the responsibilities of that job, then Kirby isn't for you.

If you want to be paid just as much as Suzy Stand-around for doing twice the work, Kirby isn't for you. If you want real opportunity for career growth, want fair pay, and merit based work, then Kirby is a company that actually teaches you the true value of your time.

If you're worth more than minimum wage but have entry level experience then Kirby is a fantastic line if work. Everyone starts from the bottom. You'll never be hired as a manager.

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