Fake Kirby salesperson robbery attempt

by John

What started out as a pounding on my door soon turned into an attempted robbery. The salesperson offered me a free bottle of gain dish detergent. He then played the race card asking how long I stayed here and if I grew up in the area. After asking if I could take a second to try kirbys new product he tried forcing his way in my home saying it was cold outside and they needed an outlet to show me it .

At the time saying I am the only African American in the street which I know contains four other such families. I responded no but they continued to step forward. I assumed a state which then convinced them I was serious. I went to tell my wife of this suspicious behavior and she said where are they now. Later they were leaving my driveway and drove off my street passing 20 houses at 50 mph and turning on the Main Street like a bat out of hell. This was to me suspicious behavior.

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