Fake Kirby Sales followed by Attempted Robbery

by Cindy
(Las Vegas)

A beautiful Asian-Indian woman in her 20's came to my door, flashed a tiny copy machine flyer with KIRBY on it, no vehicle or machine of any kind, and she was dressed to the nines.

She was very polite and charming, told me her name was "Vanity Zelehasapham", or something like it. A weird name, no name tag, no Kirby tag or uniform of any kind. I live in North Las Vegas, but came from NC, and own a home in a safe, upscale neighborhood, so I am very trusting.

She was offering a "one room cleaning" deal, but not sales, just feedback. I told her I have a carpet cleaning machine, but she talked her way in and we had a NICE long personal conversation. I have made many friends due to trusting strangers, so was not the least suspicious.

I even invited her over to my girl gathering the next day (once a month to do crafts, play games, etc.) She sounded VERY excited to come, and when she didn't show I was surprised. Then the next day after my group, some big black guys came snooping around my house early in the morning (after I told her my husband was out of town, like an idiot)

My little dogs were going insane, which woke me up and I caught them before they broke in, and they disappeared. So I had to break out my mace, my million volt taser and my 9mil auto (trusting but not THAT stupid) and called my husband.

As soon as he came home, we put up lights, set all the magnetic alarms, wood-blocked windows and ordered a door gate. This "couple-scam" is apparently common. She didn't even have business cards, flyer giveaways, not even a clipboard to make appointments.

Now I have to live with the fear that they will keep coming around until no one's home.

Don't be stupid like me, slam the door in their faces.

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