Fake female pic Eulanda Titus

by patty59
(milan - italy)

Hi ladies out there! Watch out for any kind of scammers! Last nite I got one on my fb and

this time "this was pretending to be a lady pic that contacted me as she had been scammed in 2013 by someone using the same pics as mine and she was a follower of my real pics owner as well.

She was born in Kiev but lived in Vancouver.
It was not strage up to the moment, as there are so many involved with these creeps.

She told me her story and said she lost 56000 Canadian $ to this man in Spain. She told me she only wanted someone to trust to carry on her late husband and herself wanted to do but then she found he was a scammer and didn't go on.

Luckily she didn't tell him about her secret. Well then she asked me if I was a born again Christian and Catholic and she was very glad to talk to me and know she could trust me on something someone else unfamiliar could do for her and her late husband talking about money, but she didn't have the willing to talk about it and asked to give her my email to write it down better.

In this moment I felt as I was talking to another scammer as I read in several warnings about this asking to help for tranfer money. Ok so I said it was late and had to go to bed and said bye bye.

At the same time I blocked this creature but
here is her fb pic. I didn't find this pic on google images this morning when I put it.
Ladies just watch out and don't trust anyone in such matters.

They are clever and smart but we have learnt to play it better then they do :)

Take care!

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Feb 24, 2017
by: Sharon Henson

Thank you Patty. I can't believe how many kinds of scammers there are, they are everywhere. I don't like being so suspicious of others but after what we have all been through we know it is necessary. I'm glad you saw the red flags.

Thank you for sharing.

Best wishes.

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