Faces of Nigerians Who Scam Women

by Biggles777

A Nigerian Scammer

A Nigerian Scammer


Not much to say as some can just be beaten into fessing up as to who they really are.

Ambrose Le(e) is on Words With Friends;

On WWF he has three usernames. Changes scam from interior design to petroleum. Changes images being used too.

On game

Ambrose Le

Peppe D.

Ambrose Lee

Me: Clayton Littlewood is a public figure, then you said Peppe di Giorgio and he too is a public figure. They both have something in common though

Him: So you think am not both of this persons?

Me: No

Him: Then what is it?

Me: You tell me who you really are

Him: Okay

Him: Seems like you know something i don’t know

Me: Yes, you are neither of the men you say you are

Him: **** it this is the whole truth you have been waiting for

Him: Now i know you are going to run far away from me

Him: The white always hate the black

He sends two photos of a young Nigerian claiming his name is Lee

Next up is Malcolm Roberts. On this scam I have spoken with 3 or 4 people and finally get passed over to a kid

Him: You have a good heart I know

Him: Why?

Me: Because you are not in Mexico

Him: Where do you think i am then?

Me: Not Mexico

Him: Do you promise to send me the cards if i tell you my location?

Me: You have to be honest

Him: Okay

Him: Illinois Chicago

Me: I don't think so, you are still not being honest with me

Him: Okay

Him: Nigeria

Me: Now I believe that. What is your first name?

Him: Monday

Him: Why?

Me: It is nice to know who I am talking too. I guess you're in Lagos?

Him: Yes

We talk more and his name changes to Runo who is 18 years old. Look at the attached image, he doesn't need to do this.

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