Facebook / ok cupic scammer

by Na

I met him on ok cupic. He claims as Micheal, a CEO of the gemonogy company in Madison, USA. After some days talking, he requested moving to facebook or whatsapp. When we moved to whatsapp, he deleted his account on ok cupic. I asked him why delete it, and he said he found me as his dream girlfriend, so he doesn't need to find more.

He said he fell in love with me, just after 1 week. So romantic. He asked me to connect on Facebook messenger so we can make video call via fb. I asked why not a video call via WhatsApp, and he said this WhatsApp is a company so couldn't make a video call. Ok, fb call. And He is the real person with his picture, so I thought I met the real one. But after reviewing his Facebook, there was no information or activity, just 1 profile picture. Red flag.

Then, he was happy to tell me he signed the contract with for 1 million $ and will move to Singapore for work in 2 months, then will visit me after he finished this contract. He showed me the air ticket without the name of a passenger... :)))

Ok, so I will still play a game with him. Soon he asks me to help him to write the email to buy some equipment for his job in Singapore because he cant use the email there due to the security system...haha...so funny.

Ok, I wrote this email to the address he gave me and cc him. Soon, this supplier confirmed and requested payment. He received this reply, and it was so funny, as he couldn't send email but can receive the reply. I can guess whats next. And it happened as I guessed, he asked me to help him to make payment. Game over at this point. I told him he's a scammer.

He got angry and said I will regret it because of doubting him.

Be careful with this man. I Hope my story is useful for someone.

Ladies, you deserve more.

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Nov 27, 2020
by: Anonymous

Oh my goodness. Be careful young lady. This is a scam. He just got found out from a friend who unfortunately was a victim. Yes they fall madly in love with you so quickly, string you along for up to 3 months and then move in to get the money by way of gold. AU $17,000 to ship gold to you. You get certificates signed from them with your name on them for your shipment, all FAKE! They even have a fake tracking number!

Yes they get very angry with you when you don't do as they want. This 'Michael Woods' has been reported to the police. An elaborate story but you can find the fake website that look's very professional might I say here:

You can report this if you are in Australia to: https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/types-of-scams/dating-romance

Be careful ladies.

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