Excellent demo!

by Melanie Jean Mayfield
(Modesto, CA USA)

Dateline: Modesto, CA. Monday Aug 24, 2015

No scam here. They gave me a fine FREE demonstration, and it was a nice visit. First, a young lady came to the door around 4:30 or 5pm and offered a free demo with no obligation to buy. I told her I was NOT going to buy a vacuum, but, what's in it for her if I accept the cleaning?

She said she gets $25 per demo.

She's still in high school and she's saving up for a trip to Europe. KooL. I'll bite. So, she called the demo-tech and I invited her in and kranked up some KRAFTWERK tunes and we chatted while she helped me move some furniture out of the way. I was caught off-guard and the place was pretty messy, so I was embarrassed but grateful for the cleaning.

Within 5 minutes, a van showed up with 3 other guys. One of 'em stayed and did the demo while the others left. Perhaps they were doing other demonstrations nearby in the meantime. It took the technician about 1 and 1/2 hours to clean my small living room. 11'x11' I hope he gets paid well for doing the demo.

It was 96F today, and he really worked hard sucking up all the cat hair. The carpet looks great! In fact, I asked him if he wanted to take a few before and after pictures to show off to his boss and other potential customers and he cheerfully obliged. That was fun! I hope he can put the photos to good use. I heartily give my permission for Kirby to use these images for advertising. My 2 cats
and I would be proud to be in future ads.

Sure, the technician gave me a sales pitch, as expected, but he wasn't pushy about it. He simply pointed out how he could give me low easy payments, senior/disability discount, etc, and we talked about the technology of the machine. It was quite interesting. When the others came back to pick him up, the supervisor followed up with a very brief "are you sure?", but, again, they were all very nice about it. Even if *I* can't buy a vacuum I forget the name of the particular model, I'll be glad to spread the word and let others know how well it cleaned my ratty old carpet.

It's a good vacuum, and it really does sound like a good deal. I didn't feel "pressured" at all. It was a blessing to have my carpet vacuumed so well! So, if you're offered a demo and you have time to kill, go for it. Be encouraged to ask questions and be informed.

Note: The girl did say the technician would be in and out of here in 20 minutes. I told her the carpet hadn't been cleaned since I moved in here on Nov 1, 2011. That's over 3-1/2 years worth of accumulated cat hair from 4 cats at first, and then 2 passed away last year, plus normal dirt and dust pile-up, so I knew it would take a lot longer- and it did. Just consider how dirty your carpet is and be aware that they will take the time to do a very thorough job, and you'll have a nice clean carpet!

aka: Melanie Jean Mayfield

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Dec 06, 2016
Fake Posting
by: LR

You obviously work for this company. It was amusing to read though, the way you emphasized it was a FREE demonstration. LOL I've never heard of a demonstration that wasn't free so why are you trying to make it sound like that is so impressive?!

The salesperson does NOT get $25 per demo, that is utter nonsense and you know it. They get $300 per week IF they do 15 demos in that week and the demos themselves must meet certain qualifications.

Ask any former Kirby person or any current (honest) ones and they will tell you it's pretty much unheard of to get that $300 a week. After you have been there awhile, it's not even an option anymore!

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