Erik Gerhardt

by Anonymous

Erik Gerhardt. Has a villa in Frankfurt. Works in a rig in Italy. His wife died of cancer two years ago. Parents also died. His contract of 15.000.000 euros will end in two weeks and he will come to me for us to leave together forever. He is really handsome. Sent me passport and citizen card. Sent me his contract of 15.000.000 with ENI SPA company.

Also writes me in the morning, lunch time and in the evening. Sends me flowers every morning and asks me what will I eat. Also wants to know if I live alone. Today tried to know my salary. Didn’t say. Wanted a photo of my car. Says he is going to buy a house for us. Can’t speak and do video calls in the rig because it’s forbidden.

I asked for a video call and he did it and it was the real guy from the pictures but as the connection was bad I don’t know if the voice was from the guy or not. He has a Spanish number. Pronunciation of the voice seemed from India. We are talking for a week and I’m curious to know what will he ask me.

He already showed me the flight to my town in two weeks but didn’t asked anything yet. Only photos of me and my citizen card. Is sending love music all the time. He has a photo with a dog called jimmy that already passed away. This is a stupid scheme because the promises of love in the first day are so unreal that no women can believe them.

Thank you so much for your comments. I was trying to look for the man in google and didn’t find anything. Finally I found this site. Last message he sent me before I blocked him and while I was writing this comment:

The company where i worked in Indonesia messaged me on my email few hours ago and they said that they want to quit their platform due to some incident that happened over there on their platform but the problem is that i have some of my important documents with them, the documents will enable me get my next contract and i do not want to lose the documents, and i am in the middle of the sea and i can not receive the documents here, please i need your help please i want the documents to be sent to you, you will receive and keep safe with you until i come, it will be sent to you through logistics company that will deliver it to you safely without stress.

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