Eric Luis aka Luis Eric Fitness Coach

by Biggles777


Eric Luis is on Scrabble GO. You are moved to Hangouts very quickly. He is 60 years old and divorced though doesn't say how long for. That is all you will be told even if you ask. Your questions are ignored.

They do all the asking and want to do it on their terms. At the same time, among their texts are YouTube love songs from Lionel Richie and loving GIFs. You instantly become his "diamond angel princess".

This does last a few days and they've asked enough to get the background of a victim. One morning 3 YouTube songs are sent overnight with words of love for the victim. At the end is a specific question on my alias background. Well done phishing.They respond with more love, pictures and video.

Then they ignore the victim for a day. They're online but not talking. The next day a picture is sent overnight. It's attached. It takes a little time and they are talking again and they turn up the love;

Him: I really want us to be together?

Me: We can be friends

Him: I love your body

Me: Hmmm

Him: You don't like me?

Me: I didn't say that

Him: What are you afraid of

Me: Nothing at all

Him: Each drop of tear is costly than anything in world! But, no one knows its value until they have it in their own eyes for someone.

Me: Okay

Him: It hurts to love you, but I can never get enough of loving you. With eyes full of tears, I will keep waiting for you.

Me: Okay but you hardly know me

Him: You can tell me more about yourself?

Me: Such as?

Him: It does not matter if i have met you before or not what matters is your love and feeling for me?

Him: All about you i wanna know?

Me: I'm not gonna spill the beans to a perv from a porn site with many names

Him: Okay

Him: What do mean by pron site with many names?

Me: Go look at
your picture.(edit)

Him: I don't think so

Me: Of course you'd say that!

Him: Send me the picture you are talking about?

Edit: Insert image

Me: You'll say it's not you.

Him: I don't have p***

Him: I did model and fitness coaching

Me: You said it so it must be true

Me: (edit)

Insert image they send

Me: Why is your name Maduros sabrosos

Him: Eric masduros sabrosos

Him: is my picture

Me: Your name here is Eric Luis

Him: Yeah i sometimes use the two name

Edit: That is it. The point where if you meet someone online and they have 2 names after changing the first reconsider who you are talking with.

Me: What about all the other names?

Me: You've pages upon pages of names

Him: Just two names

Me: Explain the many others

Him: I speak Spanish as well

Him: You will not understand me my point of using those name

Him: Let's just be friends

Me: Por qué tantos nombres que hay en la web?

Him: Soy modelo por favor deja que sea novio

Him: How come you speak Spanish

Me: Nunca preguntaste

Him: Lo siento Señorita

Me: No estoy buscando novio

Me: Tienes que decir la verdad

Him: Bien, ¿qué estás buscando

Me: Solo una amiga

Him: Acabo de decir que lo siento

Him: Why did you investigate me

Me: Nos conocimos online

Me: buenas noches desde Sydney

Edit: He sends a video in Spanish

Him: Buenas noches dulces sueños

Him: “I’m so sorry if someone made you think it’s hard to love you, be patient the right person will love you harder than ever.”

Edit: They lose interest after further discussion. Red flags are easily seen and an image search returns a lot more.

There are two videos on the Biggles777 YouTube channel. Email in use:

We finish up;

Me: Buenos días

Him: Cómo estás haciendo mi amor

Me: Hola estoy bien gracias y no soy tu amor

There is so much missing, they want love while not telling you anything about who, what or where they are.

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