Eric David@Blessing Azino

by Anonymous

This is the guy who claims to be Eric David from CA San Jose as an Rig Engineer. He was sending me a Russian mans picture all the time just to show how handsome and charming he is. The Russian man is a famous lawyer name Kirill.

Eric David's real name is Blessing Azino and is very soft spoken. After knowing him for a year he than tells me about who he is. He is from Nigeria and an engineer but not working at the moment age 29. He did ask for money many times but I did not give any. He did ask for apologies for his wrong doing as he likes me a lot. As I told him its not about your skin is black but its about the lies that he has been telling me.

He is now in IG by name of (Scott Savage) with his original account and he has an account which is fake with Chinese name (Zhang Wei).

God knows who is he gonna play his cards with. Take care ladies and stay safe.

Thanks to this website.

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