What really happened was that some tax collectors came to the site yesterday and stopped my workers from working, and it hurts me because we are installing a crane on a fourth floor in one of the buildings we are presently working on.

I forgot to tell you that I was been attacked by
some robbers recently down here when I came newly on this contract and they stole some huge amount of money from me when I came down here, the police did investigations but couldn't find
out the culprits until now.

What really happened is that I just have to pay up my tax which is 1200 US dollars but I only have 700 Dollars with me at the moment and
haven't been able to cover it up, I tried reaching a good friend of mine in New York, USA but he is not presently at home and his lines
haven't been reachable.

I will be happy if you can assist me honey so I can pay it up because I don't want those silly tax officials to come and bother me at the site. I
would have asked my mum to assist me but she's not working and just only at home taking care of my daughter, perhaps I can't stand the chance of loosing her right now because she is hypertensive and for her to hear such, she might end up catching up with COMA, so I won't like to bother her.

I promise once my contract finishes next month, I
will have it back to you even if you want me to pay it back to you with interest, I don't mind. All I just need is just that little assistance from you, in a relationship we are meant to be there for each other in good and bad times, it's what makes the foundation of a relationship grow stronger, been there for eacher.

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Feb 09, 2020
Smith-Brooks engineer
by: Anonymous

This guy sounds like the 1 who scammed me while romancing me 2 yrs ago, under another name, and he was also romancing a woman using the name Thomas M. Brooks and a few months later using the same story of coming for her, getting engaged, meeting his friends in Houston. S

he only lost $60 in Itune cards, I lost $3300.00. Following another blog besides this 1. He struck last year, a woman losing $5000, seen in this blog using the name Josh Ligan-Smith, see the name similarity, oil rig in Turkey, worker hurt, he skipped out to Germany and Canada. Coincidence but I had relatives in both countries.

Ladies, keep your money, they aren't worth it

Dec 04, 2014
Francis alias
by: Anonymous

This sounds like Francis Williams. Just google his name and you will see how many he has scammed

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