Engineer dating scams

by Karen

I have not been scammed yet, but things are looking bad. Recently, I have been contacted by all these supposedly Exxon engineers on oil rigs.

They would like to get to know me and would praise my beauty. Then asked if I were married with children. Then they would like to chat and asked me to download this software on my phone. I would play dumb and told them I don't know how to do it.

They would give me this sob story about a widow and a single dad. When I asked them about their knowledge (Profile said Netherland so I asked about Amsterdam, or profile said UK, I would ask about London because I have been there, he would say he is from Scotland or somewhere else instead).

I have a website where I sell a tumor remover for pets called Tumorid® so I sent them there to find out more info about me so I don't have to type it into LinkedIn.

What I found out from their IP address was Lagos, Nigeria.

Haha, Got you!

I ignored them after that. I don't even want to waste their time after that!

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