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by Annie

Emanuel Montes

Emanuel Montes

This is the biography of Emanuel Montes, found on Tinder. Says he is into cryptocurrency, bit coin. He made a less than adequate attempt at executing his script on me. It was very boring and mundane and I was quick to call him out, because i knew he is Nigerian.

He was very nervous and not willing to provide an accurate name. He is a student at UNIBEN in Benin. Claims to have been catfishing for 2 years on Facebook, instgram and tinder. His room is his office and considers scamming his job. Hes on his phone all day and night and not taking too many breaks in between scamming.

He states he is working a woman in the US and she left her current relationship for the scammer. But the script is soon ending. He also claims to scam women in brazil.

There are singletons and networks claiming to be "cults" protecting each other. Its a very sick climate in Nigeria and very corrupt.

Watch out!! Protect yourself online from these guys. Just block delete and move on as there is no love just heartbreak and financial ruin.

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Jun 11, 2018
by: Anonymous

These guys just don’t let up. When you tell them they are scammers they deny it. I can tell by the writing. Their English is horrible. I let them know from the get go. First I would never give a man money. Hello no. That would be the first flag. Pledging their love after a day would be a flag. Asking so many questions as far as work, kids and how long on the site are more flags. They cannot fool me. I ask them to meet me right away. Their excuse is they are away for work.

Done, blocked.

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