Elizabeth Rose Psychic Team UK

by Zoe
(London UK)

Am very put out at this service. The website shows that Elizabeth Rose is supposedly the head of the team. Yet she is never available. Ever. But what worries me about them is that they have no scrupples, no ethics. I know a sweet guy who has mental health problems. He is in a very bad place and really needs mental health work. He works as a dentist but his personal life is zilch because he does not know how to be with people in normal life.

So he tends to fantasise about people and dream that he will be with them. He rang Elizabeth Rose and spoke to various different women - agency workers - paying them so much a minute. They would keep him on the phone for three hours at a time every day. He got into huge debt. They did not care. One of these women said that if he sent her a lot of money she would do him a drawing of his angel and send it to him.

He sent her lots of money and got a very ordinary drawing in return. It must have taken her a whole five minutes. She tried to sell him more drawings. She is a con person and not at all psychic. I rang their office and said I was worried about this and they did not care.

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