Edward Lewis

by Anonymous

This scam person's name is EDWARD LEWIS, works for BOSS engineering from home. He is a single dad.

I did the mistake of accepting a friend on FB. He seemed legit. Had pictures of his him and his kids. He had other postings on his page.

I messaged him, how did you find me since we have no similar friends. He said; on one of the same fb sites we belong too. He liked how I interacted with people.

We began talking. He was getting back into the dating scene since his divorce 5 years ago. He is raising his kids. Since he caught his wife cheating with another man. Blah...blah... blah!!

I woke up in the middle of the night, having that nagging feeling, something is not right. So I texted him, and I'm said; send me a picture of you right now. He said he just got out of the shower, give him a minute. Which he did send me a picture, that looked like he just hopped out of the shower. (Chest up. Nothing nasty)

He then asked me to send one of me. Which I didn't. I didn't feel comfortable. (That nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach still.) Which on FB. there is plenty of me. (Now- it scares me to have my picture out there).

He texted me the next morning. Good morning beautiful. I could not stop thinking of you last night. Again with that feeling
in the pit of my stomach.

So I looked at his FB site again. No info for anything. Birthday, etc. Just where he worked.
No biggy. I don't put my info out there either.

So I GOOGLED his name. Lots of men have his name but no picture of him. His company name came up, but not where he said he lived.

I put his name in the search bar of FB. Any photos that he was tagged in or conversations that are public would come up.

Bamm!! I found a page with his picture and weird foreign writing on it. With other people who were responding to him. I hit the translation button. Which said; "I'm in brother" "Keep focused my son" Just weird stuff like that. ( Maybe I should turn it into the government.) But to who?

When I was Googling, and trying out all different searches is how I came upon this site.
It all made sense now.

I went back onto Edward's site. Posted what I found. I chewed them out, on the FB page, and in messenger. I deleted, blocked, cleaned my phone.

It is so horrific that these jerks play on people's hearts. Use other innocent people's photos. Which frightens me that my photo my be out there now and they will be doing the same thing to someone else using my photo.

Be careful out there people. And always follow your gut instinct. It is always right.

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