Dr Mark Andersen

by Anonymous

Contacted 4 days ago on fb to befriend a Dr Mark Andersen, orthopedic surgeon working for UN in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Claimed to have seen my fb picture under their suggested friends segment. Took a chance and asked to be befriended.

Chatted on fb initially for 30 min before fb quit???? and I received another friend request from someone again whom I did not know nor was friends with a mutual friend. I checked the profile and it showed Kabul, Afghanitan. Suddenly Mark Andersen texted that it was he and he was using a friends fb account to text me. Stated I needed to give him my phone # so we could message since his fb account was shut down for UN security reason.

Convinced me to use Hangouts so have been chatting on there since then.

Initial conversations led me to state that I thought he was trying to scam me as his texts put up red flags.

Tried to convince me otherwise so I decided to play along. He's been texting almost 24/7 with protestations of his love and wanting me to be his wife etc. Same old, same old with a bit of newness to the rehash.

Asked for picture and wanted it sent right now. Told him no and gave him a dressing down about being demanding. That did not deter him in the least. I did forward a copy of my photo from my fb profile page as I felt no harm done since I was sure he already had it or access to it.

He has been forwarding romantically slated music
videos and YouTube poster protestations of love to win me over to believing in his undying love for me etc. Doing the normal scam routine!

I questioned his being able to perform his surgical duties and not get any amount of sleep due to his texting all through the daytime and evening hours.

Today he sent me a photo of a text from Google play card stating he had used up 98% of his $100. card and he needed to purchase more useage time.

That's when he hit me up to buy a play card for him for $100.00. I texted back: NO! Not going there ever!!

He texted back to ask why not! I left him hanging in the wind.

Just wanted to let everyone else know it appears this is a new name they are using. Claims to be an orthopedist surgeon on contract for 4ys/ has worked 1 1/2 yrs already. Wife died 8 yrs ago of brain tumor; both parents dead. No kids, no brother or sister. Lives in San Francisco CA, owns house and car. Widowed 8 years. Looking for soulmate. Studied at Manchester Univ, UK, got doctorate degree there.

Very smooth operator. Handsome man dressed in doctor's white coat shown in photos provided from fb profil, Supposedly at work on the hospital floor which shows various staff dressed in hospital scubs working in background.

Suspect real identity was either stolen or copied as he presented a UN picture ID as proof he was for real.

Hope this will make other women aware so they will not fall prey to this scammer(s)

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