Dr Leocardo (Leo) Pazini

by Anonymous
(United States)

Google this guy and only one place comes up and it's in London. 4 women have met him on the Coffee meets Bagel site, so it's likely his 'go to" place to meet women. Wants iTunes cards for his "medical books".

Is a complete liar and forgets about talking about what YOU want; it's ALL about him. BTW, says he "lost" his license but "almost" has it back. No info can be found for this man in ANY state.

LADIES, BEWARE of this guy.

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Mar 05, 2020
Looking for his real name
by: Anonymous

Anyone know his real name and last name because he is the one who they post in youtube videos.

His real name or last name please let we know about his real identity

Jan 24, 2019
by: Anonymous

OMG, it's the SAME guy I was in contact with who SWEARS he's a doctor. I sent (2) emails to the clinic he's listed at in London, 3 days later he calls me at 6am asking me "Why in the world would you contact the Wher clinic inquiring about me? They asked me who you are, and I told them I'm pretty sure I know who she is" (seems kind of fishy that a clinic that he SWORE he wasn't employed at contacted him and "KNOW WHO I AM"? Yeah we'd only been texting for WEEKS--proof I KNEW I wasn't the only one he was talking to). He and I did start texting right around Halloween, with the promise in every conversation "yes honey we're going to meet. You know my busy schedule, know that you're in my heart and I think of you every second of every day".

What "doctor" has that kind of time? Every conversation and text was "honey" (hardly ever used my name--can't confuse me with someone else now could he?). He would say "you don't trust me so that's a problem for me". God forbid I should see his name when Googled under "SCAMS" and question him. And the next day, act like nothing was wrong or had happened.

The last straw was his promise for us to meet, and no communication until an hour AFTER the supposed meeting. Tells me there was a "flight delay" and he was just returning (4 hours after it was due to land). I looked up the flights at the airport he said he was flying into; there were NO delays.

ALL FLIGHTS ON TIME OR EARLY. When confronted with the info, AND the pic of the flights, he ignored all of it. I told him he was a liar, a manipulator, and in no way was there EVER going to be a meeting and he was a phony. He said "well it's no concern of yours any longer, so don't even ask". ASK WHAT?

The times we DID talk on the phone, I could never fully understand him, and on 4 occasions I heard voices in the background, as well as kids voices. Sounds like the typical Nigerian scammer wanting iTunes cards. (Guess he didn't make his move quick enough with me for them). Smart that you DID your best to research him. Bet he's on other dating sites as well--can't imagine he finds all his "women" just on one.

I blocked him and he's out of my life. Hopefully women will do the same and research before getting taken advantage of by this guy.

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