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Here's a new one for you. He calls himself Dr. Leo Pazini. Born in Italy and Went to school in London, SWEARS he lives in Huntington Beach. Worked in Chicago, IL as a doctor before coming to California. Is a medical consultant for CHOC and Shriners in Sacramento. Wants to open his own practice to "have more time for a relationship.

I actually called these 2 facilities and they've NEVER heard of him. Can't verify his medical license and when I confronted him on it he stated he's no longer a resident. I informed him being a resident has nothing to do with a medical license, any and ALL practicing doctors have to have a valid medical license. I Can hardly understand him on the phone, and his accent is hard to decipher. His English texting skills are HORRIBLE.

When I confronted him on EVERYTHING, he tried to say he almost lost his license in Chicago because of his ex-wife and attorney, then went to "you know I get you that info right now". As I explained to him, from someone who has a LONG history in the medical field, a LONG PRACTICING doctor knows his medical license by heart as it's as easy as your driver's license.

I said "I'm pretty sure you're gonna need assistance to open your own practice as you want since "all the money isn't quite there yet". NO RESPONSE. He's on COFFEE MEETS BAGEL dating site.

Just a forewarning. He's not who he says he is. https://www.facebook.com/leo.pazini.7

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Mar 22, 2021
by: Anonymous

Nearly a year later, and this moron called me today, got my name correct, and said "oh so you driving"? I was and asked "who is this"? I couldn't understand squat from him, and when I got home, I texted the number "do we know each other"?

It only makes sense it's HIM due to the area code (424) and it's a VoIP phone number. Funny I've heard NOTHING via my text to him, so I will bet ANYONE a buck it's him, and obviously calling from another country (I'm thinking time difference).

He got me for $200 bucks early last year, and that was enough of a lesson I learned. I'm in a great relationship with a man I met on POF; my family and he get along fine, and he and I are both beyond happy. These scammers prey on the loneliness of women and when they don't get what they want, lay a huge guilt trip on you to get MORE.

Funny a year later and he's reaching out YET AGAIN.


Jan 19, 2020
Italy doctor
by: Anonymous

Now he is using Gianni Lorenzo and he said he is from Italy and did university in UK with the same history about medical license

Sep 20, 2019
leo Pazini
by: Anonymous

This guy is a scammer, and l like to open a dialog with women that he scammed.

Please email me tari678#aol.com

Feb 22, 2019
by: Anonymous

For the woman/women who were having issues with that Dr. Leo (Leocardo Pazini), I googled the info and this is what came up:

"http://wherclinic.com (Job Scam)
Call us now +44 7451 215140

Content stolen from legitimate thelondonclinic. co.uk
Registrar URL: http://www.publicdomainregistry.com
Updated Date: 2018-09-26T21:20:42Z
Creation Date: 2018-09-26T21:20:42Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2019-09-26T21:20:42Z
wherclinic.com IN SOA
server: ns1.dotblock.com
email: contact@prodigitconsulting.com"

When Googling him at the above named clinic (WHER CLINIC) this is what comes up as well:

"This site can’t be reached wherclinic.com’s server IP address could not be found.
Search Google for wherclinic doctors member5

Seems several women suspected he was a scammer, and voiced their concerns. Well, here it is for everyone to see. I believe a few said they met him through a dating site--Coffee meet bagel. Just beware as they do not stop. This is likely not the only place they "CLAIM" to be doctors at. All phonies, scammers, and liars.


Feb 19, 2019
Re: Being wrongly accused
by: HappyinOregon

It sounds like you're being held accountable by this Dr. Pazini person for something you say you didn't do and he's pointing the finger at you. I myself did a Google search for him; he came up for the Wher Clinic in London, but their website isn't found, and it says "wherclinic.com’s server IP address could not be found".

HUGE RED FLAG!!! If it's an actual clinic, why can't it be found? And there's no link directing you elsewhere for their offices. I'd think if he were an accredited physician, there would be info on him for places he has worked. (People looking for a doctor sometimes want to check them out online for patient input, previous lawsuits or complaints, their medical education, etc.

From all the posts I read on him, he fits the profile of a scammer, and since they never talk to just "one woman" he ticked off someone, they wrote about their experience with him, but wants to blame you. Did he say how he got blocked on Facebook? Has he been in touch with you to tell you of his resources so he can contact them and rectify things?

I saw (from previous posts) so many red flags I lost count. What caught my eye were his comments about not dying a good death; you're old and out to destroy lives; etc., etc. Who says those things? A scammer that's been caught and wants to lay a guilt trip.

I've read numerous postings from women here, their experiences with different scammers, and I saw ALOT of comments along those lines. When scammers get confronted, they lash out and say horrendous things. All I can say is if he's continually texting or calling, inform him you're going to the police. Maybe he thought he had a good thing going and now he's been exposed for something he's truly not. I wish you luck and hopefully you can put him and his hurtful comments behind you.

Feb 13, 2019
by: Anonymous

So this man, Dr. Leo Pazini, is accusing me of making the original posting about him. He said he was TOLD it was me by the person running this website [false]. He claims I am trying to ruin and destroy him, his image and his career. That he ONLY confided certain details only known to me, and that it HAS to be me that has done this. That his son googled him and found this site because his son was being mocked... for ????)

He and I have been in contact for a few months now, and to hear him tonight on the phone telling me "shut your mouth I'm talking here" sent shockwaves through me (I hung up on him). He then proceeded to send me text after text, even sending a snapshot of the above posting, saying that I contacted the medical centers that he worked for, and that he's been lying to me and I've reported everywhere. (I do I report him for doing what is my question?).

He also accused me of having him blocked through Facebook and that it's been re-opened after he confirmed his identity (last I knew he didn't have one). I'm then told "you will live to regret this I promise you you're messing with the wrong person" and then "You're not going to die a good death! You went everywhere going around spoiling my name all for what". Then the ultimate: "you are old and you are out there to destroy lives..tarnish my image and my medical reputation".

All I know is he was terribly wronged by his ex--and I get to reap the benefits of those wrongs. Get accused of doing something I haven't, for what reason? That's what I don't get.

From reading here, (which I tried to inform him) it appears there are several who've had contact with him. He either wronged them, or attempted to. In either case, funny no comment from him after I stated that fact.

If this does get posted, and the person who actually did do this reads it, thanks. I've never wronged a person in my life, no need or desire to, and yet you can be accused for doing something you didn't do.

Scammers can ruin lives; but liars can do just as much damage.

Jan 23, 2019
Always do your research
by: Anonymous

Good that you did some research on this person. Most people, when Googled, are found in one way or another. If you did indeed call the 2 medical facilities and they informed you they have never heard of him, something isn't right. I did Google him under the above name, and a clinic in London comes up.

It shows he's an orthopedic doctor. There are also OTHER men by the above name as well. The whole story just doesn't sound right. Whether it's actually HIM, or someone who has STOLEN his pics and/or identity, BLOCK him, don't contact him, and walk away. Whoever it is, will likely, sadly, find another victim. They don't just do this once.

If they're successful, they continue and repeat. I've read how so many women are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as their home, to scammers they believe to be "REAL". Sounds like this person has an answer for everything, which is a definite "red flag". Most scammers lurk on dating sites--be wary.

Hopefully you've walked away and blocked him. You're one of the lucky ones in doing your due diligence.

Jan 20, 2019
by: Anonymous

This guy SMELLS of a scammer. Is he THAT stupid not to realize that no matter WHAT state you practice medicine, you can look up a medical license for that person. It's public knowledge. AND, if he DID get it suspended or taken away, it is ALSO listed and the reason(s) for it. Again, PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE.

You CANNOT practice medicine, dispense medication, or operate WITHOUT a current medical license. And IF he is legitimate, he knows his license number. If 2 major medical facilities have NOT heard of him, he does NOT exist.

YES HE IS THAT STUPID. Period. Photos are easily stolen and used, and if he's using THIS name, and you've called to verify, something is definitely fishy. You're being made to feel you're the center of his world, and he wants you. He wants to open a practice of his own? He's setting the stage to BEG you for money to help him open it. When in all actuality, you're talking to some guy sitting in front of a computer, with others in a room, doing what he/they can do to get whatever money you will send.

Do yourself a favor--BLOCK HIM and do NOT look back.

You'll be thankful you did.

Nov 15, 2018
Picture in his scrubs
by: Anonymous

At our site everyone wears scrubs. Curious that he did the photograph in scrubs.

Glad that you had the great sense to check out his background.

Good luck

Nov 15, 2018
Good Job!!
by: Anonymous

You did good researching and confronting. Too many of these guys are hurting women. He’s probably from Nigeria as well!

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