Dr Frank Michael ( African scammer)

by Anonym
(Sweden )

I met Dr. Frank Michael on Instagram. He said he is the orthopedic surgeon from Brooklyn, NY and works for the UN in the war zone in Mogadishu, Somalia. Widow, wife died of 3 years of cancer, parents died long ago and has a 15 year old daughter Stephanie at the boarding school in Brooklyn.

He had stolen pictures from Dr. Matteo Vigo the plastic surgeon from Italy. Fake Dr. Frank Michael has a 3-year contract with the UN. He needs a fiancée to help him take out holiday funds. His Barrister Geoffrey Robertson works for the UN and arranges payments through UN representatives.

Their email address: frankmichael28o@gmail.com


They panicked with me for 6 months. I lost $ 170,000 and reported fraud to the police.

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