Dr. Donovan Sebastian - UN orthopedic surgeon

by Anonymous

What a story! Contacted me on social media and said he's an orthopedic surgeon working for the UN healthcare in Istanbul, Turkey. He educates the students on surgeries. The work consists of bone fusion, things like lungs, heart, and other treatments. Not sure what an orthopedic surgeon has to do with lungs and heart??!!

He had said he was born in Brooklyn, and when he was 3, taken to Paris because his dad moved there for work. He's fluent in English but has an accent.

In 2004 he came back to the states and settled in Washington DC. He met his wife in Brooklyn, and it was a crazy love. They had a son, and then his wife and her dad convinced him to move to Turkey because her dad worked for the organization and they needed help. Then they divorced, but he's on 6 years contract, rigorous contact. He works and lives in the base, and the government provides food, clothes, and all necessary things.

He said he wants a video call. Video calls were weird, it was dark, and I couldn't even see his face clearly, but his accent was not French. He also sent a bunch of selfies. I can't tell if it was the same person from the video.

I got very suspicious. Oh, did I tell you that he loved me from the 3rd day from the day we started chatting? He sent me love stories (copied from the internet), hearts and kisses, was extremely polite, making future plans with me, said he wants to open his hospital (hmmm), and everything sounded terrific but too good to be true.

He hated my questions, and his reaction to my questions was like, I don't trust him even after our video calls, and if I don't trust him, we need to stop our conversations and our
relationship. We even 'broke up' twice when, in his opinion,' I was persistent with my questions.

Remember, I'm already highly suspicious at this point? I made him come back to me both times because I was so curious to know the conclusion to this beautiful love story

As you all know, these guys know what to say to make you the happiest woman on planet earth. 😉
One day, he said that he would ask his supervisor for a vacation to come to see me in the states (hooray). But unfortunately, his supervisor denied it and wanted me to write him the details about me, like my official name, where I'm from, and where Dr. Sebastian will meet me.

I was shocked and said I'm not sure if I want to do it. He'd said he's cool with me if I don't do it. He understands. But one day, he got so upset with me for not doing it. His tone changed, he became angry. I was shocked!

Later that day, I worked long hours and shared some level of details about my work issue. My work is related to financial fraud. I honestly did it on purpose, and guess what he was so curious as never before and started asking me questions (he never was interested in any level of details of my life).

So I became so impatient since I already got a clear picture of where this romance was going, I decided to confront him. He let me finish saying what I was going to say (I had a lot); he told me that I was wrong, I don't know anything about him, and his story is true. He thanked me for everything, wished me a happy life, and blocked me!

It's my ten days 'love story' in a short version. Ladies, be aware of this ‘DOCTOR’!

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