Doug Blevins

by Trish

He's now going under the name of Michael Hale on words with friends. Told me he's on an oil rig in Canada, lost his wife and 2 sons in a car accident in California, 7 years ago.

Even gave me a fake id of the oil rig he is on. I checked him out and found out he is using a picture of Doug Blevins.

There's also a man on Instagram, Ben Johnson using his picture. Another on Instagram, Grant Louren.

This guy should be in jail.

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Jan 06, 2023
Oil rig scammer
by: Anonymous

He went by Matt Anderson on an oil rig In Louisiana and then was out in the South Seas in China. Supposedly lived in Miami and had a daughter named Sarah in boarding school.

After a little investigating Doug Blevins is a gay man in Florida and the man that used his identity was named Stephen from Nigeria

Oct 15, 2022
Alex Markey - scam name on Facebook
by: Rita

He found me on Facebook. Initial contact September 19 when he sent a message via Messenger asking me to accept a friend request. He was using the base of Alex Marky.

Says he has been divorced 4 years. Has 17 year old don, Albert. Dog named Max. I think he found me from animal sites that I follow. Immediately moved conversation to Hangouts. His Facebook page had what appeared to be Arabic writing beside his name which he didn't explain. I am still in communications with him.

He has asked me to marry him. Prolific with sending love songs and affectionate gifs. He just asked for a $500 apple card so he could keep his apple subscription and ability to contact me. I have suspected all along that it was a scam. He claimed to be a marine construction engineer in Yemen on an oil rig. His son is being looked after by a nanny. He moved from Istanbul Turkey to Appleton WI. Has a sister living in Turkey.

Had 3d modeling on initial Facebook profile. Luckily I kept a screen shot before he removed the profile. When I asked what it was (and I already know what it is) he asked if I saw that on his profile, I said yes. He said it was an old interest, but never used it. I ask a lot of questions that he doesn't answer.

Sometimes he asks why I pose a question. I say just curious. After all he wants to marry me. He should be asking more. I am glad everyone has been posting here. It confirms everything that I have been thinking. Of course, it was fun and good for my morale to pretend it was all real.

I am working on a divorce. It had been an incentive to make that happen quicker. God has been showing me all of the signs and I have listened. I am sure he will disengage contact when I tell him there will be no apple card. But it has made me feel good about myself. I have smiled and laughed with him more these four weeks than i have in years.

All it took was text messages from this scammer. You have to wonder what he really looks like. I am certainly enjoying the pictures of the handsome man whose pictures I will keep. HIS face is the face that gives me good memories and the desire to move on to something better after my divorce. I hope my experience helps others.

I have enjoyed the chats even though every part of me knew it was fake. I even considered sending him the $500 to keep the flattery coming to boost my morale.

I wish all you ladies well. Be careful out there. If he continues to communicate after he finds out there will be no payday, I will add another post.

Sep 29, 2022
by: Anonymous

As of 9/29/22 he is currently using Ethan Calvin and I'm sure there are more names, and on a rig in the Black Sea off the coast of Scotland. I do believe Doug Blevins is a victim of photo theft. I have done a reverse photo search on all the photos and he is all over the world.

Found Frederic in Paris on but found him on tons of dating sites, all different names, maybe 50-60 alias at least. His story is his wife died of breast cancer 6 years ago, daughter Lisa 19 years old, even created fake email for her and she sent email which I responded to but never got another reply.

Not sure how he pulled off the pic of them together but does look photoshopped. Sometimes his writing is perfect English but mostly you can tell he is not in the USA.

May 29, 2022
by: Anonymous

He's now using jasongreg37 on POF.

May 20, 2022
by: Anonymous

He's now going under the name of BorisBlevins09 on POF.


(( Here is a few line about me My name is Boris Blevins, I was born in Paris France, Dad a French man and Mom an American so basically, I'm mixed, I have lived in the states over 42 years now. I am a born again Christian, a true and dedicated believer by faith. I attend Lakewood church in Texas before moving to Canada, I live in Toronto, Ontario a, Canada now, I was happily married for a period of 30 years, now and I lost my wife and daughter in a car accident in Texas Plano now a widower and with no kid I'm only child, of my parents and my mom is still alive and strong she live with me I own a little company that supply safety equipment of heavy duty machine and I am a Bitcoin/Forex Trader, Real Estate investor.if you will agree with me. I love Nature and I enjoy cooking. I also enjoy listening to good music, I don't drink and I'm non smoker. I love to dance and I enjoy traveling, I love making new friends, meet different people from all walks of life. I love looking smart and clean, I can sing and play the piano very well and you?))

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