Double Wham with Funds Still Owed

by Jackson
(Los Alamos, NM, USA )

In mid-April, I had a young girl stop by and present me with an opportunity to have the salesman present to me the New Kirby Vacuum/Shampooer on 1 of my room's carpets.

When we mentioned we're interested in viewing the demo, a well dressed, fairly aggressive, salesman came inside with the vacuum and its adapters that came along with it.

He then quickly set it up and did several strokes with the vacuum and then opened the filter doors on the vacuum and presented us with the clearly viewable dirt that was on the filter and was telling us, that is was a new filter he had used, so all the dirt we saw was from the few swipes that he did.

Within a little time, he mentioned to us how the price of this system was $2200-$2300 and asked if we had a vacuum to trade in. We informed hime how we had a New Miele Model Vacuum that we've had only for about 6 months that we purchased for $1300 and he said, he would give us $1000 credit off the $2200 bill.

We ended up giving him our Miele and he further pushed us for a deposit amount to put down of $500 plus some taxes for his requested amount of $520.00.

We did that and I don't happen to have the name of the company that he set up the remainder due on (of the remaining approximate of $700.00), so I am now having to wait for a bill in the mail to determine where and how to pay off the balance due.

We have used the vacuum and its accessories a couple of times now and truly the vacumm does seem to be a good one, but it really disturbed me after finding the volume of these door to door scams that are out there and such overstated prices for these vacuums that anyone can find on EBAY for half the quoted value!!

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