It's really this simple folks. There is absolutely no need whatsoever for all these stories about how big of a scam these people are, when the easiest solution for dealing with them is to just slam the door in their face. If you even opened it up in the first place, that is.

The worst thing anyone can ever do is let someone they don't know from Adam into their home. The person could either be a pushy salesperson or they could be some reprobate dirtbag looking to rob you blind, or worse. JUST DON'T OPEN THE DOOR.

I have a peephole on my door for a reason. I look through it before I even make a sound. I look at who is in front of my door. I study them up and down, and trust me, a solicitor of any kind is very easy to spot. Then I tell them to leave. If they start whining about how it will only take a minute and blah, blah, blah, I repeat my original instruction.... more loudly and sternly.

Don't be reluctant to call 911. It's a service you're paying taxes for that is included in your phone bill, use it. The only reason most people don't use 911 is because they are afraid of getting into trouble for misusing it over a non-emergency. That is BS, because the only legally defined misuse of 911 is one in which the
call is made to harass or annoy emergency personnel with profanity or false reports. If an unwanted person is at your doorstep, call 911. Trespassing is a crime.

As far as Kirby is concerned, I had to chase one of their "sales teams" out of my neighborhood one night (that's right, I said NIGHT) after I came out and saw them harassing my neighbors across the street. They were rude and disrespectful when I confronted them about whether they even had a license to sell in this city, which every business is required to obtain. They then had the audacity to drive over my grass when they were pulling out, all this at 10PM!

The neighbor then told me that they had been in there for over FOUR HOURS. I called 911, had a patrol unit come out, and gave the responding officer the flyer left behind by the scum. A report was made and the incident was documented.

People, legitimate door-to-door sales are mostly a thing of the past now. Unless it's the Avon lady or somebody else you know, the vast majority of these businesses are designed to defraud unsuspecting victims. Need a vacuum? Go to Sears, go to Lowe's, go to the Oreck store, hell go to Walmart. Brand names, occasional sale prices, return policies, big selection, what is not to like?

Do NOT open the door, know your rights, and send these dirtbags packing from your doorstep.

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