Dont believe the B.S

by Lisa

I read all the previous posts and cannot believe how many people this happens to. The name he used was Rodney Mark Bryan claiming to be a widowed 52 year old.

A Construction manager of a small construction firm that was currenlty building a bridge in Nigeria - he also claimed to live in FLorence CA. Many things he said now looking back had many inconsistancies from when and how his wife passed away to the name of his dog.

What was funny is that we even did a video chat and the picture he used on was his...although I believe now the person that would call me was someone else. He claimed to be from Ireland, and let me tell you it was the strangest Irish accent I have ever heard.

Nonetheless he worked his magic and I did begin to like him...good thing though I was very guarded about many things and this morning when I got the call that he needed money to get the "rest of his supplies" that were stuck in customs to complete his job so he could come back and meet me.

He even included a copy of the check he could not cash and a bill of lading from the supposed Nigerian Customs. - every red flag came out and knew it was a scam... he begged and pleaded with promises of love etc...

Not a penny of mine did he get. Please please be careful.

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