by Strong minded Woman

I experienced the Kirby crew yesterday. A lady knocked on my door and she asked for the lady of the house and when I approached my front door, she presented me with a free bottle of laundry detergent; which was a nice of her.

But as soon as she started talking the sales pitch didn't add up. She will tell you there's no purchase necessary all you have to do is watch the guy demonstrate the Kirby vacuum.

Sad to say it was a lie and the two nice dressed guys can in and immediately tried to sell their product.

We said no and meant every letter of it. To top it all off they left the guy here for two and a half hours, claiming he lost a hose ands he needed to do the shampooing but it was the catch to staying at your house.

Eventually they came back to bring the hose and left him again to try to sell the product again. But once again I said no and thanked him for the cleaning. He even tried to make a sell on their way out the door but I politely closed my door behind them.

All in all don't fall for it and im glad im a strong minded woman because if you're weak they will sucker you.

Best advice I can give is to call the company itself or call the Better Business Bureau.(BBB)

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