Donald Roberto Oil Engineer For Forbes Oil & Gas

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Donald Roberto is on Words With Friends as Donald R and he starts a chat and asks you to go to Hangouts. The first thing he does on Hangouts is send images of an oil rig. He is thin on the ground with what details he can offer as to who he is. He says he is from Paris, France. 57 years old with a son and daughter of no age is separated.

He says "Am engineering Forbes oil and gas company am Donald and you." and that he is currently in Turkey. He then sends you images of a man and a 6 second video of him. It is slow and he does have the scripted questions and he is throwing the photos at you from the beach in Turkey. He's pretty confident but not saying much. He gets angry as I do not do certain things he asks like give my phone number and some financial information.

This is the second time I've said this. Someone I've met before is having another go at me. That is enough for me and I'm not going to tolerate it. Another video appears and more photos of a man who is innocent but used in scams.

Me: Do you have Google?

Him: Yes of course

Him: Hello are you there?

Me: Okay your photo you sent me. Get it and then search Google for image and explain why you are not the man in the pictures you sent that I am talking with

Me: I'm waiting( they all say that he should understand)

Him: How what man are you talking about dear

Him: Make me understand

Me: Do as I asked and you will understand

Him: How can I search my picture on Google

Him: Make me understand

Me: I know you will deny but you have different names and YOU are on a scam site

(Insert a screenshot)

Him: Really okay I do understand now a lot of people are using my pictures for scamming

Me: I doubt that very much

Him: I also saw them on word with friends I do hate my self

He sends 3 more photos

Him: A lot
use my pictures on Instagram No. That is where you're downloading them from

Me: Well in the last one you have 3 different names

Him: So confused

Well you can see where this is going as we continue and he just keeps sending more photos thinking that will convince me

Me: I know how it works. Next you'll tell me you've been hacked

Him: Not really dear

Me: Well that man has a lot of names and is in Australia, USA, UK, Poland and Canada

He replies with lengthy texts of love and honesty. Oops he forgot the love! He's turning to that now. Text after text but I'm not stopping on who is in the pictures.

Me: There you go straight to denial it is what you do best along with lies, cheating deception and more

We continue and then more photos

Me: Well you just dig a deeper hole. 17 names for the last photo. Stop lying to me

Him: Okay so what do you want me to tell you now

Him: The trust

Me: Tell me who you really are

Him: Okay so if I tell you who I really are we you help out

Me: Only if you are honest with me.

Him: Okay am not this man and am very poor

A picture of a young African appears and now I believe that but not another word he says.

Me: What is your name?

Him: John

Him: Help me out of poverty please Then don't buy an iPhone!

Me: Lagos? You don't seem old

Him: No Delta State

Me: Okay that is a big place which city

Him: Close to Lagos

Me: Okay and how old are you?

Him: Am 22years

Him: Please help me

That is pretty much it. No scam just him capitulating about who he is after my pressure. I don't believe a word they say when they do this as after they do it is just the start of a new cycle of them trying to get money from you. So "John" 22 from close to Lagos if this really is you people now know what you do for a living.

You should not have come back.

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