Donald Frank Shell PLC Independent Oil Rig Contractor

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Frank Donald is his name on Words With Friends. He approaches you and starts playing a game then asks to go to Hangouts. On Hangouts he fails the profile image search. It returns a man who is different to the one in the picture's he'll send. He starts phishing about you immediately wanting to know family, friends, relationship history, work, your assets etc. He does make an effort by researching what you say and commenting. This is different, it is all him sounding you out. Then he decides to talk about family, work and money more.

In the game he clearly tells you he has two son's. Then he says he only has one son 15 named Logan. He changes that to also having a daughter called Charlotte. He gives no age but says he is from West Virginia. An independent oil contractor in Mexico. He lost his wife to the "cold hands of death" Says his birthday is in October. He works for; It didn't work back in April and I still can't open it. He says my PC doesn't support it. He is in the "Golf" of Mexico.

We continue and he's starting to show a strong interest and developing feelings for you. He starts sending love emoji and turns up the flattery. He's wanting all your attention and quickly you're his woman and he's wanting a vacation with you.

Him: I want to show the world how lovely, beautiful and kind hearted my woman is

Him: I want to have a vacation filled with bliss with you

I'm playing along, even talking it up and baiting. Then the classic oil rig romance scam lines;

Him: Of course

Him: We're going on that trip once am done with my contract

Me: That sounds great and when do you expect that to be?

Him: 2 months time

Him: That's when my contract will be over

Quick edit for a few key lines he's mentioned

Him: Anything for you without hesitation

Him: Would like for me to relocate over to Australia?

Him: I want to come over to you

Him: What kind of house do you think we should buy?

So there are ten red flags after a week and without the love he's already telling you that you're his woman and he is coming to be with you. One red flag is missing. His wealth. But before, back to the love, he's working the script but better than most. The following quote is a cut and paste I've seen several times;

Him: Alright you know life is special and I like to wake up feeling excited of what the new day brings, even if that means bouncing off the planets.

That is used frequently so worth noting. The love is being turned up. YouTube songs and loving images and GIFs are being sent. The texts are very long. He's a jealous man too. It's lengthy so I've edited but it is another classic romance scam move. Getting you off the site you met

Him: You're still playing words with Friends

Him: Who are you playing with?

Me: I haven't checked

Him: You know I've told you I can't hide my feelings from you you're the reason I go online there I feel jealous whenever you're playing there and not talking to me

Him: I would like it if you'd stop playing

Him: I just want to tell you that I want to protect you, steal your smiles, stop your tears and wake up by your side. You are the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me

Me: Hmm okay well I am happy not to play as much for you

His response was clear he loved what I said. He wants that? He gets the total opposite. I stay in the game and I step back and slow the pace down. He's not happy;

Him: Am getting worried Haven't heard anything from you I hope you're doing ok??

Me: Hello how are you?

Him: And you didn't bother to let me know you won't be coming in here

Me: Well I didn't know work would be like it was I fluff

We continue at a slower pace. He's not happy with me but tolerates it.

Him: It seems like you are always busy

We continue. I'm waiting for something. He's throwing love and he's got my bait yet still no mention of his wealth. In an oil rig romance scam they've always got money. Finally they take my bait. I need to edit this;

Him: I have been looking forward to invest on shares ,Stocks and bonds but I have been really scared recently bitcoin but I was really scared due to the Global financial crises that saw me and my partner loosing almost £340,000,000 British pounds sterling

Him: I lost my best friend and my partner to that crises and since then I have been really scared of any investment

Him: It really cost me a lot

Him: I had to start afresh with some loan and some money I had on my inheritance which I have not accessed but thank God for today

Okay so he has had it, lost it and inherited it which he says he can access. Whoever it is talks the British Pound and not US Dollar. He has up to 1 million to invest and makes it clear he has money Then totally fluffs what he is talking about;

Me: When would that be? Why are you interested in Sterling?

Him: Sterling ??

Me: Yes British

Oh come on! You just said you lost 340 million of it and now don't know what it is!

Him: Well like I said if I can be sure that I have your love , trust and confidence I’m willing to start with the process of retirement which is not going to take more than a week

Him: Because that’s the currency that use in getting my contract sum and you don't know what Sterling is?

Him: My contracts are with Shell oil company In comes a major oil company

Me: Oh okay

Now we have the final piece to the scam. His wealth. It's edited but he said he has money. Had it and also doesn't know what currency he is talking about he later says he had to sell a private jet. He sends a video of an oil drill and says work is hard for him and his workers. He boasts of the size of his contract and confirms he is on an oil rig.

I've been stalling and avoiding. I've now found almost all the pieces of the scam. He is not happy;

Him: And why do you like leaving our chat without informing me ?

Him: Your notification here is not showing that's why I randomly sent you messages I hope you can understand what am saying

I'm learning too. We continue and this is becoming a proper oil rig scam. I think he'd like to be throwing love every day but as you see I'm not around all the time. We continue for weeks, he makes an error

Me: What time is it there?

Him: It's 9:26 am Lagos

Him: 03:36 am Texas

Me: Oh that is good but aren't you up late

Him: Typo error please 2:26AM American time No you just fluffed it

I'm now his queen, wife and I think I've changed who is talking with me. Now the money in the scam; I have to edit but you can put it together;

Him: Working here is entirely different I work 12 hours a day sometimes so the other 12 hours is for rest my queen I want you to know am taking care of my self here ok I'm working hard

Him: Am so exhausted right now went through a lot of stress today

Me: Ooh babe you have to get some rest

Him: One of my machine here is having issues refining oil I find it so disturbing because if it continues that way it's gonna make it hard for me to leave here before my expected time

Him: I just pray things doesn't go south He's timing this over days

Him: Thanks baby I just have to wait for my engineering team to give me some heads

Me: Well I do hope everything goes well babe and let me know if I can help in any way

If you were a vulnerable woman there's so much love that he isn't asking for the money. Instead he has played on your emotions to offer assistance now he takes you up on your offer; (edited again)

Him: Finding it hard to get some sleep my queen

Him: I haven't been this worried my whole life

Me: Ooh babe I don’t like hearing that. Is there anything you can do? I don’t want my man stressing

Him: Am waiting on my engineers to get back to me my queen just give me some few minutes


Me: Please don’t stress and I’m here if you need as we’re a team

Him: Have missed talking to you, its been a challenging day for me.. I just got out of a meeting with the a Shipping Company in China.. Its urgent i need to order for the drilling bit, am gonna text you when i get to the cabin..

Edit, he is doing this well over 2-3 days

Me: That sounds good babe, I guess that means you can fix your equipment and fulfill your contract

Him: Yea but right now am having difficulties meeting up with the negotiation with the company, i need to make an urgent payment..

Him: Am having difficulties accessing my account at the moment, babe i need your help.. I can't access my money

Me: Okay I understand babe. Why can't you access your account my man?

Him: I just dont know, i have called to complain to my bank and they explained they detected an unknown IP Address trying to hack into my account and thats why they put a hold on it until i can appear in person to fix it.

Him: Please baby??

Me: Ooh okay babe. What would you like me to do?

Him: I need you to help me with the payment, am gonna pay you back when am visiting with you,

Him: Please?? You are the only source i have right now..

Edit: The scam is now complete

Me: Okay babe, we're a team. Just tell me what you need

Him: It’s urgent and i need you to make a payment of $35,999..That is a big financial hit

Him: Please??

Edit to where he sends bank account details. He does want a wire transfer but I insist on a bank

Acct # 296741****
Routing # 12100****
Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank
Name: Deb**** Casc****
Bank Address: 3602 Washington Blvd Ogden Ut. 84403
Beneficiary Address: **** grant Ave, Ogden Ut. 84401

There you have it. A mini case study of an oil rig romance scam lasting around 6-7 weeks

Email used

Phone number

+1 213 357 3204

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Mar 22, 2023
Donald Frank aka Richard Simon
by: Anonymous

Well he almost got to me but there were red flags all over on day 2 of talking. Met on Scrabble. He now uses the same pics but prefers Google chat! He is now in the same profession in Rome!

Oh same lines used. Same story just a few new additions. He lost his wife 5yrs ago to "hard drugs" leaving him with one 23yr old son Kevin!

So glad I started searching.

Jun 04, 2022
Is he a scammer?
by: Anonymous

He works on an oil rig in Northern Ireland and lives in Florida. Parents died, has a son and daughter. Was an independent contractor etc

Feb 23, 2022
Donald Frank now Alex Muller Oil Rig Scam Word Wars
by: Anonymous

These people (as I know it’s more than "Alex"), are now using the name of Alex Muller

His story: in Alaska on oil rig, widower for 3 years, wife and oldest daughter (Chloe) died in a plane crash (unverifiable), has surviving daughter (Cindy-17yo) and son (Chris-15yo) taken care of by "crippled" (who says that?) mother, father killed by "assassins" while being a captain of a ship -"my love of the sea from him."

Never talked about his son…hmmm. My story is the same as most. Starts the same, sent a message to me while playing Word Wars, wanted to go to google chat, sent me photos of himself and daughter, then wanted to voice call. I said no.

I told him I was married early on, don’t think that info was passed onto the group. He didn’t care that I recently lost my 93 year old mother either. What an idiot and a rookie at what he does.

I never gave him anything; not my real name, not my real email address, not my pic, nothing. I wish these people would get caught. Looks like this idiot has resurfaced again after a couple years (according to this site).

Apr 28, 2021
Extreme stories from him
by: Anonymous

WOW! Glad I found this as he just sent me a photo of his daughter with a broken wrist. She needs money quickly for surgery but he is on an oil rig and cant get it to her fast enough because of the position he is in.

Glad I haven't sent anything!! He also has had other men and women talk to me to confirm things. This is a very elaborate scam.

Feb 16, 2021
Same guy, different name
by: Anonymous

Similar story - he has a son and a daughter, wife died in 2010, no siblings, but he wants to build a family now. Says he’s from Italy and he makes some spelling/grammar mistakes, but they are not consistent with the level of language competency from earlier messages.

Once I said I wouldn’t switch from FB messenger to Hangouts he pretty much stopped talking. He was listed as a mutual friend with a relative of mine on FB so I contacted him to let him know to delete him as well.

Feb 03, 2021
Mark David
by: Anonymous

I have been talking to him since Nov 2019. Told me his name was Mark David, Age 52. Daughters name is Sharon, age 19. Son William, age 12 or 13. Told me he was born in New Zealand, lived in Australia. Worked on an oil rig, correct company, false name.

Told me in the beginning of conversing, his wife died in a car accident, then changed his story. First time they attempted coming to Ohio, daughter was hit by a distracted driver, then drove her to the hospital, 2nd time, got pulled over, wouldn't tell me where, put in isolation center, again wouldn't yell me where they were for 2 months, now a car accident, in coma for 2 months, said insurance is not active because Bitcoin account which is for his payments hasn't been updated.

Jan 10, 2021
Plenty of Fish
by: Anonymous

Same photos right now on Plenty of Fish under name Davidmills 6565.

Oct 26, 2020
Frank Donald Admits he is Nigerian
by: Biggles777


The man my alias has known as Frank Donald finally gave up after months of his love, denial and lies and my repeated "aquisitions" that he is a criminal.

I'm not sure what to believe except I do his age, where he is and that he is the man in the photos I was sent.

It was epic when he threw in the towel.

Oct 02, 2020
Michael's story
by: Anonymous

There is a Franz Donald that is associated with Michael Paulson who's Venmo Address is listed as Franz Donald. They claim to be on an oil rig owned by Marathon Oil Corp - that had an explosion with injuries and needed money to repair the 'machine' so they can finish the contract so they can leave Alaska, but now inspectors came and because they couldnt pay the full price to bribe them they are now required to pay for damages sustained in the explosion/oil spill.

Michael professes his love for me and will come home to me as soon as I can raise enough money to pay for the damages. Grammar is the same as others in other stories- using "am" instead of "I'm" "slept off" "how do you mean?" Always asking if I've eaten or slept well.

Gets irritated when I start questioning inconsistencies and says things like "hang on" hoping I'll forget what I was asking about or say his "eyes are getting heavy" or he has to "check something".

He cant answer simple questions like where he shops for food or if he's been to one place or another which leads me to believe he's not in America. Refuses video chats and cannot send me recent photos and also cannot explain anything about photos. One photo he sent of himself-allegedly- is of him at a control panel which controls a vertical lathe.

I did my research on the component- when I questioned him about it...his answer was "it was the control chamber when asked what it controlled. His answer was 'mostly lights' - seriously??? This is a guy who supposedly has a masters degree in mechanical engineering from Norway. When I told him I looked it up and told him it was a lathe his response was "I know what a lathe is" then quickly changed the subject.

This relationship has been going on for 9 weeks now and it all started with iTunes cards and then money to fix the machine and then money to pay for the damages from the explosion. I wont say exactly how much I've lost or given up for Michael Paulson or what I've lost throughout this relationship, but please take heed and beware.

How do I attach pictures to this??.

ED: you can post pictures when you start a new submission [but not when you are adding a comment to an existing submission] - use the page below and you can see photos there and you can also post your own story and photos there:

Jul 24, 2020
Glad I found this site
by: Anonymous

I am so glad I found this site. This sounds like the same person who contacted me only this time he used the name Stephen Joe. In researching him on the internet, I came across this site. I also find that if there is no facebook page, they aren't real.

Jul 04, 2020
Sounds familiar!
by: Anonymous

This sounds so familiar and very similar to a scam that happened to me a few years ago that lasted nearly 2 years. I can't figure out why they would ask for US wire transfers as wouldn't they be traceable? I received all kinds of sob stories about urgent payments, etc.

The person scamming me also read about what I posted on this forum and sent me angry emails that I had misjudged and slandered his good name. Some commented on my post that they had actually met him and others were being scammed by him (or her) during the dame timeframe.

It was quite elaborate. Very thankful for this website so that we can all share info and help keep each other safe!

ED: You are welcome. Unfortunately some victims show their scammers the relevant page on this website to show how they found them out, so scammers are well aware of this website now

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