Do you recognise him?

by Anonymous

A month ago, a man reached out to me on Instagram. I immediately knew it was a scam attempt, but continued the conversation for another three weeks. The man assured me of his affection, his desire to come to Poland. He said his name was Mark Davison, e-mail:

He claimed to be a USMC colonel on a military mission in Yemen. After three weeks he told me that he had received compensation from the Yemeni government and that he really wanted to send this money to me by parcel. As you can see, this is an example of a scam.

What is shocking to me is how many pictures I received of the man, his wife and children. I searched the internet for information about the man from the pictures, I looked up the pictures if they were on the internet somewhere. No results. The sites reporting scam attempts do not contain his pictures.

I would like to know who the man from the photos is and inform him that his identity has been stolen. You may have already encountered these photos.

I hope you will be able to help me.

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