by annne

This isn't a company, it is a front of a huge SCAM. These people are all about, false advertisement, LIES, misrepresentation and everything in between.

They tell you, that you will make $1,200.00 every two weeks, even if you do not sell ANYTHING. That's your pay every two weeks and of course, if you sell a Kirby, you will receive commission on this too. They do not pay you for the three day introduction, I say introduction because, you certainly can not call what they do for those three days training.

They make a point of pointing out, that they only target certain types of neighborhoods, for obvious reason and that they do not and will not seek out, neighborhoods like, mobile homes, apartments, low income neighborhoods and so on.

And that the appointments are setup for you to go on. None of this is true, my first day out, the neighborhoods, that we were told not to target, were the very neighborhoods we went to. Never were we told, that we HAD to do 30 Demos, every two weeks to receive the $1,200.00 and that if you did less than 30 Demos, you will receive $0.00 NOTHING AT ALL.

So for those two and a half weeks, of gas, working 12-14 hours days with no lunch break (they say, "You can bring your lunch), we were not allowed to stop and actually take a lunch break other wise, were all for NOTHING.

This is the worst kind of job/business that I have every heard of it is worst than slave labor. And it can't be legal. This is WRONG and I am looking into it. This is deceitful, underhanded, extortion, and out right lying and stealing.

These people need to be STOPPED!

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Jun 06, 2022
Read your contract
by: Anonymous

You signed without reading. If you don't do the work, you don't get the money. Work harder.

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