Dino Gergory

by Support to extract without judgement

Dino Gergory, first saying he was Dino Greg, and then on being challenged with inconsistencies in the pictured document said there was an error in his name - but didn’t say what that was. Never did explain the ridiculous value recorded.

Generally used the usual scam tactics. The mark never took the bait on a couple of implies of his needing help, so no money ask was ever made. (eg: sick uncle, wanting to move uncle).“Stuck on the rig” and “money all tied up in this project” lead-ins were starting.

The mark caught on and made a few challenges that received aggressive responses. Contacted Petronas ethics division who were genuinely interested that their company ID was being inappropriately used.

Did have two pic of ‘Dino’ that were used but have inadvertently deleted. Did not show up on reverse image search.

Dino Greg
Dino Gergory (Strikingly similar to basketball star)
1.213.935.3412 (a VOIP # with a CA USA based company)

Used Tinder to meet, and almost immediately went to text/email (ghost IP for Tinder location as undoubted was never that close to the mark geographically)

Really didn’t know much about oil rigs or what an engineer on one did considering he was supposed to be a Drilling Engineer.

The document isn’t very well done, but it was interesting to discuss it with the mark. It was ‘in confidence’ and not to be shared (so, was very reluctantly shared). Surmise it was briefly looked at while discussed over text with ‘Dino’ and then closed since it was ‘so very confidential’ - since it wasn’t scrutinized.

There were even a couple of Skype conversations. Very poor quality video that kept freezing, though voice retained. Many methods to simulate a poor video call

Good news is that she’s a smart lady and knew some things weren’t sounding/reading quite right- so she asked her friends to check what she had. Emotional turmoil painful, but no money lost.

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Feb 14, 2018
by: JMB



Feb 12, 2018
Dino gregory
by: Anonymous

He’s using stolen pictures from Jeffrey van Dyk.

Feb 09, 2018
Scammer Dino Gregory
by: Anonymous

We first communicated by email, and Dino told me that he had been divorced for two years and that he took care of his uncle. He described himself as a very devoted Christian who did a lot for the orphans because he had lost his parents in an accident when he was young. He said he was 50 years old and an engineer, working independently.

He sent me a copy of the petronas contract and a copy of his american passport, and he said he was texan but born in Italy. I also received two pictures, one with his uncle and the other with a parrot on his arm, on that of his passport he was wearing a bow tie. A very handsome man with a very sweet look.

Very quickly he told me that he was going to Dubai for work and asked me to register on wechat to facilitate our exchanges. I must admit that I believed him and he managed to extort a good sum of money. I have no more contact with him but I have his mail and pictures.

His name is Dino Gregory aka Dino Greg, and his mail is dino1greg@gmail.com

Feb 05, 2018
I was scammed This person (Dino Greg)
by: Anonymous

I´m from France and he contacts me by words with friends. He is very kind and polite, with beautiful pictures.

Be carefull as he is very manipulative.

Jan 03, 2018
Tinder says it all
by: Anonymous

Ive been baiting scammers for a few years. My experience is 99% of the guys met on Tinder are cat fishers and scammers. Tinder is a wasteland for scammers/cat fishers. The other 1% are the guys that just want a hook up for sex.

You cant take any guy in tinder seriously...I play on Tinder because I know I can hook a cat fisher and get them to admit they are Nigerian or from Ghana or Benin.

I just had a guy who called himself Anderson Gray admit he is Nigerian, from Lagos. The Tinder scammers scripts are weak and lack in substance with there aporoch..they go right for the wallet and bank accounts...asking for Western Union, itunes and other forms of money transfer.

There is only one I've met on Tinder that has
the perfect game and approach. This is the scammer to watch out for. He is intelligent and mamipulative with his words. He is one that refuses to come clean.

He goes by either Austin Simmons or Austin Richards and he has 2 yahoo email accounts.

If you are weak, needy, lonly or vulnerable DONT play on Tinder....unless you want to bait scammers
And play.

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