Didn't Let Them Inside For A Demo... Thank God

by Ben
(Coon Rapids, MN)

My wife was outside the other day with our two kids and a neighbor kid. She was accosted by a smooth-talking Kirby salesman offering a free cleaning of one room. After telling him that we don't have a lot of carpets in our house he said "that's ok, we can clean hardwood floors too." He smooth talks his way into a 7:00 pm "free" carpet cleaning.

We were planning to be gone by the time they got there, knowing what scams are out there and sales pitches. Before we had a chance to get in the car, 6:50 rolls around and the two guys in a shiny white van pull up. Thinking we were going to hide in the basement, my wife asked if I closed the garage door. Unfortunately I did not so we had to answer the front door and get them to go away. I said no, not interested but they came in anyway and she listed off all the reasons and refused to let them clean anything. We had to get groceries and had to give the kids a bath. They complained about having to drive all the way from a city 15 minutes away (LOL) but did leave to their credit.

We are now going to get a NO SOLICITING sign for our front door. We are sick and tired of not being able to sit outside on a nice day and enjoy our front yard without being accosted! Our backyard is the surface of the sun without shade so we spend our time in the front yard. We get contractors, guys selling bug spray, and now vacuum salesmen. We are not planning on ever buying something unless it's a local high school kid selling a coupon book.

Here's the lesson: We saved ourselves 2-4 hours by not even letting them in the house. Please do the same or better yet not even set up an appointment or answer the door! DO NOT listen to their sob stories and do not feel bad for them. They even mentioned trying to win a trip for a co-worker which WHO CARES IF THEIR CO-WORKER WHO I DON'T KNOW FROM ADAM goes to Disney World? I'm trying to afford a trip for us and our own kids to go to Disneyworld!!!

Kirby: You have shady sales tactics and I only thank God that we didn't let them in. We would've ruined our entire evening more than it already was.

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Jul 23, 2018
No soliticing sign doesn't work
by: Ben (OP)

My no soliciting sign hasn't worked. If you get one, go on Amazon and get one that covers several categories and I think I'll need to do that to get rid of the door knocking!

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