Diane stigile for blackmailing

by Nick

I met her on match.com, I am always busy but I could always answer through text message or even by calling.

She seems wired but I try to keep on, because I believe I can influence her positively.

Her name is Diane Stigile.

I travel out of state and I could write her as much as i used to, the next thing she does was pasting my contacts and name all of over claiming I want to beg her for money.

Which can never be possible.

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Mar 06, 2013
Nick Byers Nigerian Scam
by: Diane Stigile

I guess someone is a little upset I caught them at their game.

This man the engineer, his photo is on this website as a scammer. He has yet to explain that. He also needs to learn how to write. If I was so wired whatever that means, then why was he professing his love and saying I want to be your "hubby" within a few days time.

Who does that? Do not let this phony Nick Byers scam you he is sitting in Nigeria waiting for his next victim. He only called me once and he sounded like a 12 year old on speed and the phone of course was disconnected after one minute.


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