Derrick Meyer the South African who broke my heart

by Joanna
(Charles Town, WV)

It started out on Tinder with some basic chitchat. We started using Google hangouts to chat and he would email me every day. The emails were so lengthy and full of personal questions and responses. I fell head over heals for this man who was everything I had been seeking.

Derrick, as he calls himself, said he had been awarded a bit in Benin and was there for a total of 6 weeks to return home in 4 weeks time. He called me once but his voice did not match his pictures. He said he dropped his phone and broke it so he could only use his digital camera. He sent me more pictures on his days off.

He was concerned for hours each day before and after what would make sense as typical working hours. I looked up his email and phone from the US and the name he gave me and nothing flagged online. His Facebook profile was sparse but most of the men in my family don’t use Facebook so I wasn’t concerned.

He sent me a picture of his 12 year old son and of him with his mom. His story seemed legitimate.

Then, he said he fell ill and was in the hospital with kidney stones, but had to negotiate to get released because his account was overdrawn. He would get paid after the final inspection but he needed medicine and food to get him through the last 12 days.

That was when I knew something was wrong.

I looked up the pictures from Facebook and finally found a match. Pictures from websites that were from 2006. I then found this site and knew I had been scammed.

I messaged him some of the screenshots to show what I had found on the reverse google image search. I now have to move on from the plans we had been making and the feeling that someone truly wanted to be with me. I’m embarrassed and hurt and angry.

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Apr 23, 2020
Michael Sigourdson
by: Anonymous

This guy is using the same photos and says he's a civil engineer on an oil rig in the gulf of Mexico, but lives in Anchorage Alaska where he was born but no birth record exists. Says he has a 10 year old grandson. Parents dead, daughter dead, wife not to be found. Doesn't answer questions.

Takes a while to respond but doesn't answer questions. 8 hours ahead from NZ but says only 7 hours ahead. Then messages me during the night. Forgets time zone all the time. Catholic quotes bible verses but has no friends. Didn't deny anything just told me to block him.

Mar 31, 2019
Michael sigourdson
by: Anonymous

This profile scammed someone I love with all my heart. The same name has 3 profiles on Instagram now. Do an image search and it pulls up 12 dating sites with this image and several others. The scam now is to get Apple gift cards so he can continue to be able to speak to you.

If it's not the real man In the pics doing it for all these years its someone closely associated with this person to be able to access the images all the time at least in my opinion.

Apr 01, 2018
Nigerian or south african - who is Derrick
by: Anonymous

I too fell for who I thought was the whole package. I got all the same conversation as Jonna. I was devastated and still am. I mean I am having a hard getting that face out of my head as it was so handsome. I am google imaging the pics and I'm sure this is not the scammer right?

So this guys beautiful face is crushing hearts at an alarming rate.I wonder how he would feel about that. I have no idea who fed me all that BS as he could be a hot south African scammer. I can tell you being newly single I have my guard up now. I will check back For some reason I feel like he needs to know.

I am going to check back tomorrow. Thank You

Feb 02, 2018
Derrick Meyer Scam in Virginia
by: Anonymous

Thank you for posting this scam re: Derrick Meyer.

I was talking with this person on OKCupid for 2 weeks and once I received his last name, did a Google search, and found your post. THANK YOU!

We had only shared text conversations about relationships and personal feelings, etc. without giving away any of my own personal info.

There were some flags for me which made me skeptical, but that I won't share in this post in case he, whomever that is, is reading this.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU. I have reported his profile to OKCupid.

His OKCupid account used the name Riccho which he said was a nick name.

Nov 26, 2017
Tinder a dating site wasteland
by: Anonymous

Sorry for your negative experience on tinder. I have found over the past year of baiting catfishers on Tinder, that 99% of the profiles are fake. All are either from Ghana, Nigeria or Benin. I have had a handful come clean, and tell me who they are and send photos. Then comes the reverse that they are being honest they explain there sad story of destitute.

Then ask for money. Meaningful love is not on Tinder. Everyday I report scammers profiles to Tinder. I find their compatible facebook page and report that too. Its a small deterant but sends them a message and messes up there game. Just yesterday I recieved 17 messages from catfishers. I currently have a catfisher I have been playing with one for 15 months and he wont give it up.

I guess its become more a challenge for him and me a battle of wills. He knows he's not getting money, yet spends alot of time calling and texting me but for this one I never let down my guard.

Good luck and if it walks and quacks like a duck..its what it is...the nigerian cat fishers are very, very smart and know how to play on your emotions. They study you like a book asking alot of personal questions..they will try to convince you they need you, you are all they have in the are their all and everything.

The profile of a scammer on this site is accurate. Anytime a sentence is started with "Am"... Dont

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