Dennis Marguilles

by Anonymous

I came across two guys who thought they could scam me by telling me their hard luck stories about losing their wives to one illness or tragedy or another and get me to trust them. One claimed to be in the import/export business and to be raising a young son, not to mention that he was robbed and beaten in South Africa during his business trip and needed money to pay hospital bills so that he and his young son could go back home to the United States.

Another one, who calls himself Dennis Marguilles, claimed to be an oil rig engineer for Exxon Mobil, also supposedly having lost his wife to cancer five years ago, and supposedly has two kids. We had a lovely conversation until he found himself in a situation that required him to return home to be with his daughter, who was sick and in the hospital, in the United States (he didn't say where in the United States).

He told me he needed a permit to leave the oil rig and needed money. After I told him why I couldn't send him or his employer money, he accused me of finding fault with him! I found a picture of a real estate agent that this Dennis Marguilles, the oil rig engineer, had put on his Twitter profile, with the cover pic of that man's two children.

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