A lady came to the door to ask if we had an area rug we'd like cleaned for free, and that it would only take a few minutes. We assumed this was a new cleaning company starting up, and they wanted to introduce their services.

A young man was dropped off. Based on his time-consuming effort to get all the pieces of the equipment out of their boxes, I would never buy this product.

He vacuumed the rug, which we had put outside on the deck. That part was impressive. Before shampooing, he wanted to come in to show what else it can do. I declined, as we had not been told this was part of it, and I did not agree to it.

He was extremely frustrated, saying he "wouldn't get credit" if he didn't do everything. I asked him to finish the rug, and I wanted to be done with this.

An hour had passed by then.

Numerous calls to his supervisor; more stalling. I finally got on the phone with the woman and angrily told her this was a deceitful scam, and she needed to come pick this guy up.

What a horrible business practice.

I will never buy a Kirby now. A "few minutes" turned into nearly two hours and a lot of hassle.

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