Decades ago, my wife invited one into our home to clean our sofa...

by Robert
(London, UK)

He wanted us both to sit and listen to him, even though I wasn't interested.

Then started showing us how 'dirty' our home was by removing the 'bag' and replacing with a small swatch of cloth to collect dust, etc. As Dyson showed us... the bag gets clogged very quickly.

When I said ok, but still not interested, he started to insult us, calling us 'dirty'. I told him to leave and after some little time, he left. Disgusting company, distancing themselves from the sales team that they train to use "very hard sell" techniques.

Their machines are simply not worth the money. Buy a dyson or one of the products that licenced his technology. Kirby are both a scam and a rip off. They depend on weak people who can't say NO. NO...GET THE .... OUT OF MY HOUSE, YOU PIECE OF ....

I think that was my last comment

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