Debra N Neville, Nevnaconsults - stay away from them

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I was contacted on by a woman using the profile Starbra, very very attractive and we seemed to hit it off. She told me she is Italian and has a 22 year old daughter called Adelina, and a dog called Bobo, a Yorkshire mix of some kind. She told me her birthday is 14th February 1972 and Adelina’s is 26th June born in 1993 I believe as she will be 23 this year or so I was told.

We started emailing and she was travelling between Europe and the US so she told me. The name she gave me was Debra Neville, her email address is Her cell phone number is 312 600 0832. She has a website and told me she is a licensed Architect and project manager. The address on the website is bogus, I think it should be Chilton not Chilling. I think she is impersonating a real woman called Debra Neville who actually owns that house.

The address she gave me was 2727 S. Quincy, Apt 204, Arlington VA 22206. I sent her flowers there so it was a valid address at that time.

She told me she was awarded a contract in Ghana to project manage the development of a hotel and went to Ghana in mid October.

Her address and bank details in Ghana:

Bank Name: Zenith Bank Ghana Limited
Address: Head Office Branch.Premier Towers,Liberia Rd.Ministries
Account Name: Nevna Consults.
Account Number:6010167353
Swift Code : ZEBLGHAC
P.O.T :services rendered

Address: number 4 Batsonaa, Aliya Street. Spintex.

Her Ghana phone number is +233 231828534

When she arrived she told me she was having trouble with her phone and asked me to buy her a Sony and a hard drive for her work. I bought these on and shipped them over to her.

Then she told me she lost her purse with her travellers checks so I send her a couple thousand dollars.

A while later she needed money to secure the completion of the project so I lent her a few thousand pounds (I am such an idiot). But it was all very convincing.

I was led to believe that she had been arrested because of a loan she obtained from a mining company but I believe now all this was lies. I sent money to help secure her court fees. Her attorney told me his name was Akoto Osei, who is actually a member of parliament in Ghana, I do not know if this was an imposter or not. Probably. His phone number is +233 553286228

Last but not least, they needed more money to
secure her compensation from Man Enterprise who she was contracted to and so I sent further monies to secure this. I did get a promissory note from her but I do not know if her real name is Debra Neville so the paper it is written on is worthless. Her website says Debra N Neville another discrepancy.

She was supposed to reimburse me for all my funds and send me an itinerary for a flight to New York to meet up with her but when I got to the airport it wasn't a ticket for me on the flight but in somebody else's name.

The person the email had come from was I googled the name and it is an alias for some woman scamming people. I realised how much I had been a fool at this point and devastated as I really thought she was the one for me. I am still getting over it.

I also did a little search on her website and it is actually owned by someone in Ghana. I think this is a professional outfit and very well run but there were some discrepancies in her story over the 8 months and I should have listened to people around me telling me it was a scam. Details of her website as follows:

The domain was registered on: July 21, 2015

The person who registered the domain is: Ejike Achugbu

Their contact phone is: +233.577760801 (Accra, Ghana)

Their contact email is:

As it is it has cost me a great deal financially and I will be in debt for years. If I can stop this from happening to someone else I want to help.

I have photos, emails, a transcript of our viber chat messages.

Another point, she never wanted to skype or facetime when I finally brought it up. Or when we tried there was always a reason why it didn’t work.

I don't think she is gay I think it was all just a put on as she mentioned a guy Charles who had a wife Lisa and young baby but I believe they are a couple now.

I think this spans three continents, North America, Europe and Africa.

She also said she was involved in charity work and sponsored several orphanages around the world. While she was in Ghana she told me she got involved with an orphanage there run by a woman called Joy, called Hope and Charity Orphanage or something like that.

She had a website for the charity but it seems to have been taken down. It did not have a registered charity number.

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May 24, 2016
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