David Relynold United Nations Syria

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


David Relynold is a military scammer from Scrabble GO. 52 years old born in Austria and now in California a widower with 2 children, twins, Jamie and Mia 9 years old. He says he is a sergeant with the U.N. currently in Syria as a peacekeeper. He claims to have been stationed in Damascus for the past 2 years. Says his birthday is April 7.

The above looks good but it's all made up. They spend a lot of time and unlike others they're patient and understand the impact of the pandemic on travel.

They are phishing to get your profile but that leads to mistakes;

Him: So sorry to ask you, how old are you?

Me: I'm (edit)

Him: Am 52

Him: But you look very much younger

Edit: two days later

Me: Thanks, you look great, how old are you?

Him: Am 53 and you?

Him: You already told me you are ** right

Edit: They got my alias age right and their age changed by a year. We continue with my alias trying to ask a few questions. Red flags pop up.

Me: You're in the army, right?

Him: Okay

Him: Yes am in the military

Me: So you are in an army?

Him: Yes I'm

Him: A segueant Major

Him: I already told you about it (they hate questions)

Me: Which army would that be?

Him: I work with the UN as a military officer

Me: Thanks. In Syria, right?

Him: Yes Syria Damascus

Edit and snip: There's a lot wrong with the above just like his 2 cars

Him: So tell do you have a car of your own

Him: Tell me

Me: I have a car

Him: Okay I do have a car too a Ford Jeep 2019 modern

Him: And you?

Him: Also I have an Highlander too

Me: You drive a Ford Jeep, that sounds cool

Him: I drive a Ford Jeep

Me: and a Highlander Jeep?

Him: Yes

Him: Do you like Highlander jeep

Me: I guess you like your cars?

Him: Yes baby

Him: So what the name of your car

Me: I have a

Him: Car or Jeep

Me: Yes, it's my car

Edit: Looks fine except Ford no longer makes Jeeps and a Highlander is made by Toyota. An American over 50 is going to know that if he is driving those models.

They are always on patrol or sleepy while at the same time remaining online on Hangouts all the time. Someone in the military isn't going to be using Hangouts in a conflict area. It seems in a military scam they need to imply they've a lot of money.

Him: I feel quite old to work under anybody. I will be well paid prior to my retirement, I have love and affection for people so I want to invest in the health sector, I want to build a hospital and a charity foundation and run it myself with the woman I will call my wife and it might be you dear.

Edit: Where is he going to get the money to build a hospital? They're patient but not consistent due to their lies. A military scam like this usually is about the leave. On Valentines day he tells my alias to get him a gift card for data.

Him: Where is my gift

Me: I've still got the day ahead

Him: Can you get me a card for my database

Me: What do you mean by card?

Him: I mean can you get me a card for a gift

Me: I thought that's what you might have meant and got you a iTunes card

Him: You got me an iTunes card

Me: Yes

Him: How much card

Me: $500

Him: Please do send the card first

Him: Let me see

Me: Okay

Him: Scratch it carefully and take a picture of the card back and front and send to me with the receipt

Me: Okay but I threw out the receipt as it was just my weekly shop at the market

Him: You throw the receipt away

Edit: I never bought one and downloaded a used one and sent it. He is still demanding my alias return to the store and get another receipt.

Email in use: davidrelynold@gmail.com

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